Choosing Bonefish Flies


Adjust to the Water Depth
4+ Feet Deep - Heavy lead eyes
3.5 Feet Deep - Medium lead eyes
3 Feet Deep - Large bead chain
Average Depth = 2.5 Feet Deep - Medium bead chain
2 Feet Deep - Small bead chain
1.5 Feet Deep - Plastic eyes, heavier hook
1 Foot - Plastic eyes, light wire hook

  • Bonefish feed on the bottom
  • Fly should reach bottom in about 3 seconds
  • If fly not getting to bottom, put on a heavier fly
  • Select a fly that will get to the bottom without spooking fish
  • Fly must stay near the bottom on the strip
  • Usually find biggest fish in deeper water or on flats flanking deep water

Weedy Bottoms and Tailing Fish

Turtle grass flats are perfect habitat for tailing fish. Tailing fish are indicative of shallow water. As a result, we recommend small, light weight bonefish flies to avoid spooking fish in skinny water. The light weight flies get hung up less than weighted flies in the Turtle grass. Not everyone is a fan of weed guards. Some anglers think the guard interferes with the bite of the fish, resulting in fewer hook ups, or dropping fish once they're on. This can be the case, particularly with the heavier weed guards you find on commercially tied flies. We're believers in weed guards and, after trial

and error, have found that with these small bonefish flies, 10-pound Rio, or similar mono, is the thickest you want to use. Anything thicker than that on these small flies will interfere with the bite. We like the double weed guards that come to a V-shape at the front of the hook. These provide the least interference with the bite and keep the fly from getting hung up in the grass. It's also important to use a light wire (but strong) hook to reduce the weight on the really shallow flats.

Bunny Bone is a great pattern (rabbit fur and rug yarn) in tan, chocolate, pink and gold.

Flies Top to Bottom:
Del Brown Permit Fly
Simram (lead eyes)
Gotcha (large bead chain)
Amber Shrimp (medium bead chain)
Gotcha (small bead chain)
Bunny Bone (Plastic eyes)
Bunny Bone (Plastic eyes)


Want to tie your own? - click here for more info on tying bonefish flies.



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