There is something magical about anadromous fish. The adjective "sea-run" conjures up images of sleek silvery creatures born of the clean gravel of cold, clear rivers. They run to the salt and roam the seas feasting on the ocean's bounty, until the urge to spawn recalls them to their natal rivers as large, powerful, magnificent gamefish.

And there is indeed something magical and addicting about flyfishing for these beautiful animals, be they Atlantic Salmon, Sea-run Browns, Steelhead, or any of the 5 species of Pacific Salmon. Some flyrodders become so obsessed, they fish for nothing but anadromous species! And many wait years for an opening on a specific river. Prized weeks are highly coveted and usually sold out many months, if not a year in advance. We're just now getting a snapshot of available spaces on some of the world's best Salmon, Steelhead and Seatrout rivers. And as you'll see, many weeks are already sold out. But many lodges are just now firming up their rebookings and other openings may appear shortly. Please click on the blue text links of the lodge names to view the corresponding web pages.

Atlantic Salmon on the Gaspé
We represent 3 outstanding lodges on the Gaspe Peninsula. All three of these camps offer the opportunity to fish three of Quebec's finest Salmon rivers,
the Bonaventure, the Petite Cascapedia and the Grand Cascapedia, which provide good fishing from early June through September.

Camp Bonaventure is situated on the beautiful Bonaventure, arguably the clearest Atlantic Salmon river in the world and a mecca for the dry fly fisherman. Spring fed, the Bonnie rarely goes over the 60 degree mark, providing good conditions all summer long. Camp Bonaventure charges $825 CAD per day plus taxes. Available dates include: June 12 - 19, 2-rods, 7-days (prime big fish week!); August 14 - 17, 2-rods, 3-days; August 26 - September 1, 2-rods, 6-days, and September 1 - 4, 8 rods. Later September dates will be announced at the end ot the month.
Camp Brûlé is a charming historic lodge set on the banks of the Petite Cascapedia, near the center point of its 3.5 miles of private salmon pools, and has hosted sportsmen since the 1880s. Also spring fed, the Petite stays even colder than the Bonaventure and fishes very well through the middle of August The Petite is also Quebec's finest Sea-Run Brook Trout river producing "salters" as large as 10 pounds. Weekly rates range from $3,528 - $4,410 CAD plus tax. As of this writing, the following spaces are available: June 12 - 19, 2 rods; June 19 - 23 (4 nt/3 day) 2 rods; July 24 - 31, 2 rods.

The Salmon Lodge is another historic lodge built in the late 1800's and is situated high on a bluff overlooking the spectacular Grand Cascapedia, the #1 producer of trophy Salmon in North America. The Salmon Lodge charges $675 CAD per day plus taxes and current openings include: June 12 - 19, 3-rods, 7-days; July 3 - 10, 2-rods, 7-days; July 10 - 17, 2-rods, 7-days; August 7 - 14, 4-rods, 7-days. September openings will be announced at the end of the month.

The Restigouche
After 23 wonderful years,
Red Pine Mountain Lodge was sold back to, the Ristigouche Salmon Club, reverting to private, members-only status. The Restigouche produces some of the largest Atlantic Salmon in Canada, and we do have two options for anyone who'd like to fish this great river. Restigouche River Lodge is the old Camp du Jour located on the lower stretch of the river near Matapedia. It was purchased by a group of avid American anglers who have completely refurbished the property. The camp offers approximately 2.5 miles of private water containing some extremely productive pools. As of this writing, there were still a few rods available during the prime big fish weeks, June 19 - 26, June 26 - July 3 and July 3 - 10. Rates range from $2,495 to $4,495 US plus taxes.

We also have occasional access to a small private camp,
Tom's Brook Club. The camp holds 4 anglers and a approximately 1 ½ miles excellent water, including the second best holding pool on the river. This is an excellent option for parties of 4 who prefer the exclusivity of a private camp. Last year, I was able to place several clients during prime weeks, who enjoyed outstanding fishing. Please call for availability and rates.

Salmon Fishing in Labrador
Canada's most productive river is the mighty Eagle River in Labrador. We have booked
Pratt Falls Salmon Lodge (formerly Lower Eagle River Lodge) for 23 years now. The lodge's new owners have refurbished the poroperty adding such amenities as WiFi internet access and air-conditioning! For the first time in 5-years, there is availability (at least 4-rods) during the prime second week of July, July 8th - 15th. This is a week that can produce catches of 10 - 20 + fish per rod with an excellent Salmon to Grilse ratio. The rate is $4,600 CAD + taxes and charter flight. Earlier and later weeks also available.

Iceland's Abundant Salmon Rivers
At this time, the season is just starting to wind down in Iceland, but we should soon have availability for some of the top rivers including the
Miðfjarðará, the Jewel of the North Coast rivers which had a record year of over 4,000 fish landed in 2009 (the largest number ever for a "natural", un-stocked river in Iceland). The East Rangá and the West Rangá, thanks to the unique smolt rearing program, are setting incredible new marks for productivity. The have ranked numbers 1 & 2 out of Iceland's 100 + Salmon rivers for the past 5 years now. Please contact us for rates and availability.
Tierra del Fuego Sea Run Brown Trout
The sure cure for the winter blues for any anadromous flyrodder is to change hemispheres! These Sea Run Brown Trout of southern Argentina can top the 20 pound mark! The Rio Grande is unquestionably the Mother of all sea trout rivers and we represent a number of the finest lodges.
Kau Tapen Lodge was the first lodge to be built on this amazing fishery and continues to set the standard for world class fishing lodges. The rate is $7,250 per week and current openings include: January 8 -15, 8 rods; January 15 - 22, 6 rods; January 29 - February 5, 3 rods; February 12 - 19, 1 rod; March 5 - 12, 2 rods; March 12 - 19, 5 rods; March 19 -26, 8 rods

Villa Maria is located on the lower section of the Rio Grande. This is slightly bigger water and more demanding but highly desirable due to the constant flow of bright fish - every fish entering the Rio Grande must swim through Villa Maria's water. The rate is $6,750 per week and current openings include: December 31 - January 7, 2 rods; March 18 - 25 all 6 rods; March 25 - April 1, all 6 rods; April 8 - 15 all 6 rods.

We also represent
Aurelia Lodge, a very nice lodge facility which has 8 miles of good water just above Kau Tapen's stretch in addition to 15 miles on the tributary Rio Menendez. The rate at Aurelia is $5,670 per week.


Steelhead of the Dean
The Dean River is one of British Columbia's most legendary steelhead rivers, hosting summer runs of fish that are pound for pound, the hardest fighting Steelhead that exist. BC West is a superb camp near the mouth of the Dean affording anglers the first shot at every fish that enters the system. As of this writing, the following spaces are available: July 23 - 30, 2-rods, $6,500 + tax (prime Steelhead); July 30 - August 6, $6,500 (prime Steelhead); August 13 - 20, $5800 (good Steelhead). The two July dates will be snapped up quickly so if you'd like an absolute prime week on one of the world's greatest steelhead rivers, call now.

We also represent
Moose Lake Lodge's Dean River Outpost Camp. Rates range from $4,750 to $6,000 US plus taxes and license fees.
Pacific Salmon in Alaska
For many, Alaska represents the ultimate destination to pursue sea run species. We offer the full spectrum ranging from full service fly out lodges to float trips to river base camps. Depending on the river system, Alaska offers tremendous fishing for 5 distinct species of Pacific Salmon, sea run Dolly Varden and Arctic Char, as well as Steelhead, not to mention some of the best resident Rainbow Trout fishing on the planet!

One of our favourite camps and favourite rivers is
Alaska West on the legendary Kanektok. The "Tok" may be the best all round river in Alaska with strong runs of all 5 species of Salmon and excellent fishing for resident species. At this moment, current space includes: June 12 - 17, 5 nt/4 day early season King special with Spey instruction, 2-rods, $3,600; July 15 - 22, $5,000; July 29 - August 5 (start of the Silvers!) $5,000. Again we may learn of more openings in the next few weeks.

Please visit our Alaska page for information on the many options, or call us with your questions - we're always happy to talk fishing!

If you would like to make a reservation at any of the above lodges, we encourage you to call soon. As mentioned, other spaces may appear within the next few weeks, but will certainly not be available long. Now is the time to start planning your Salmon, Seatrout or Steelhead adventure! Call today to get the best available week! We look forward to hearing from you.

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