Limay River Lodge

Brown Trout 20" to 20 lbs
Patagonia, Argentina

The Limay River has been a hidden gem in Argentina Trout fishing for decades. Some say it offers the best fishing in Patagonia. Difficult access (up to 3 hours drive each way from San Martin or Bariloche) has limited the number of anglers fishing the Limay and they were happy to keep it to themselves, until now. The Limay River Lodge, located on the banks of the Middle Limay River, opened for business this year. The Limay River Lodge is a true luxury lodge in the Patagonian wilderness.

Limay River Lodge was opened by veteran Argentine guide and businessman Jorge Trucco, who visited New York this September. We had a wonderful conversation with Jorge about what makes Limay River Lodge a special place.
  • Consistent opportunities to catch large Browns. Fish over 20" are common, 6 -10 lb fish are caught on a regular basis, and fish over 20 lbs are possible.
  • Incredible dry fly action for large, healthy Rainbows and Browns every day.
  • 12 access points all for maximum flexibility for full or half day floats, or shorter floats if anglers desire.
  • The middle Limay is a 60 mile tail water fishery so the water and fishing is consistent year round.
  • The lodge is brand new and offers first class accommodations, service and personnel in a prime location.
  • The Limay features regular hatches, Pancoras and two types of minnows creating opportunities for all anglers and conditions.
  • Limay River Lodge uses Hyde drift boats, Sage & Rio tackle, Reddington Waders and Boots.
  • A well trained team of professional guides and lodge staff prove superior service on and off the water.
Angler Adventures is pleased to introduce this exciting new property to US anglers. Contact Evan Peterson for more information or to include Limay River Lodge as part of your next trout fishing adventure!

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