The warmer weather that follows the Spring Equinox into the Northern Hemisphere gets us thinking about the cool waters of trout and salmon rivers. Montana, Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Iceland are great destinations for this Summers Fishing Trip. Peak weeks are still available for great summer fishing like drifting hoppers for the Brown's on the Big Hole and the Beaverhead, swinging Sugerman's Shrimp for Atlantic Salmon or waking Dragon Gurglers for "hot" Dean River Steelies.

Five Rivers Lodge
Five Rivers is situated between the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson, Ruby, and Madison Rivers. In total, these 5 rivers create more than 40 distinct fishing areas, most within 30 minutes, an all within an hours drive of Five Rivers Lodge. With this variety of

rivers, plus several spring creeks, Five Rivers Lodge always has access to quality water offering good fishing, regardless of conditions. 6-night/5-day fishing is $3,175 per person based on double occupancy and a shared boat / guide daily.

Complete Fly Fisher

The Complete Fly Fisher specializes in dry fly fishing which comes into it's own when water levels drop in late June and continues through the summer. This world class lodge overlooks the beautiful Big Hole and most of the fishing takes place on this legendary river. In recent years, the guides repertoire of waters has expanded to include top blue ribbon water like Rock Creek, Smith River and the Jefferson River.

Available dates:
May 16-22, 2010 for the Mother's Day caddis hatch
June 6-12, 2010 for Salmon Fly Hatch
August 8-14, 2010 for the Spruce Moth hatch.

6-nights/5-days fishing = $ 4,600 per person based on double occupancy and a shared boat / guide daily.
Mission Lodge on Lake Aleknagik
Want to sample great Alaska fishing without limiting yourself to one location? Mission Lodge (a fly-out lodge) is the way to go. You can hop into a floatplane every morning and experience the diversity of rivers, fishing, and species Alaska has to offer. Mission Lodge is ideally located for targeting trophy rainbows as well as all 5 species of Pacific Salmon (slams are possible on even years, specifically in late July/early August).

July 2 - 9, 2010
July 16 - 23, 2010
July 23 - 30. 2010
July 30 - August 6, 2010
August 27 - September 3, 2010

7-night/6-day stay at Mission Lodge is $7,500 per person (plus 5% tax and $17.50 per person bed tax).


Dave Ducan and Sons
Dave Duncan & Sons Outfitters is unquestionably among the best and most experienced tent camp and float trip operators on what many experts believe is Alaska's best all around river -The Kanektok.

Both camps offer good fishing for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon and fresh water fish like Grayling and the 'Tock's famous Leopard Rainbows. Anglers focusing on salmon fishing frequently choose Lower Base Camp where fresh run fish are in prime condition and readily take the fly. Anglers preferring to concentrate on trophy rainbow fishing usually opt for Upper Base Camp, which has more diverse and intimate "trout water".

Upper Base:

Lower Base:

July 10 to 17 - 2 openings

July 3 to 10 - 3 openings

July 17 to 24 - 3 openings

August 7 to 14 - 4 openings

July 24 to 31 - 7 openings

August 14 to 21 - 5 openings

August 21 to 28 - 4 openings


The cost for a 7-night/6-day fishing package is $4,900 per person based on double occupancy / shared guide

The cost for a 7-nights/6-day fishing package is $4,700 per person based on double occupancy / shared guide

Moose Lake Lodge
Moose Lake Lodge is superbly located for excellent rainbow trout fishing in Moose and Trophy Lake but also for flyouts to productive trout, salmon, and steelhead rivers like the Entiako, Blackwater, and the legendary Dean. June 15 to July 30 provides excellent dry fly fishing for Rainbows in the streams and rivers and July 30 to September 10 is a great time to combine lake and river rainbow fishing with salmon in the rivers. July 30 to August 20 offers an intriguing combination of dry fly fishing for rainbows and fresh pinks, chums and coho salmon, easily caught on flies in small, clear rivers, often sight fishing.

Depending on the size of the group, Moose Lake Lodge has some space during most weeks during the season and is offering a 20% discount to new bookings.
Dean River Lodge
The Dean River is considered one of, if not the best Steelhead river anywhere. Dean River Lodge is located above the canyon, over looking the Dean River Channel and Queen Charlotte Sound. The steep gradient of the river and natural selection create the strongest, hottest steelhead you'll ever catch on the fly. Peak season, which is typically sold out a year in advance, has good availably depending on the number of anglers.

Early Season
Normally $5,000 per person - Now $4,000 per person
June 23-30
July 2-9

Peak Season
Normally $6,000 per person - Now $5,000 per person
July 9-16 "on hold"
July 23-30
July 30-August 6
Aug 6-13

Eastern Canada - Atlantic Salmon Fishing
Sadly, after being open to the public for 23 years, Red Pine Mountain Lodge on the Restigouche River will revert to "members only". The owners have accepted an offer from the Ristigouche Salmon Club to buy back the property, and it appears the sale will close before the start of the season. However, we highly recommend the following handful of properties: Those looking for the potential 30 - 40 pounder should consider our other Quebec Lodges - Camp Bonaventure on the Bonaventure River; The Salmon Lodge on the Grand Cascapedia River; Camp Brule on the Petite Cascapedia River. For numbers and quality size, we suggest Pratt's Falls Lodge (Previously Lower Eagle River Salmon Lodge) on Labrador's Eagle River. For more remote/exotic Salmon fishing, we recommend Iceland's top Salmon Rivers or Russia's Kola and Ponoi Rivers.


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