New Zealand is home to some of largest Brown and Rainbow Trout in the world and creates truly special fishing opportunities. New Zealand's trout can reach 15 lbs and while there are only few of these monsters caught each year, the average trout is still an amazing 3 - 6 lbs! Trout fisherman often dream of making casts to these huge, wild rainbows and browns that lurk in New Zealand's crystal clear rivers, streams, and lakes that are surrounded by an extraordinary landscape filled with exotic plants and hulking peaks.

New Zealand trout fishing is spectacular, and anglers who visit New Zealand once, return year after year. They often return home with stories like landing a 7 lb rainbow that moved over 5 feet from behind a boulder to take a big grasshopper imitation or watching a brown slowly rise up through 6 feet of water to inhale a nymph in perfectly transparent water. These are the moments that make fishing in New Zealand special however, equally imporant are the outstanding guides and lodges on both Islands that make a fishing trip unforgettable!

The Deluxe Fishing Lodges we represent are among the top lodges in New Zealand. They offer luxury accommodations, excellent gourmet meals, world-class guide staffs, access to New Zealand's top trout water, and a list of activities for the non-fishing guest or for anglers who want to experience more of New Zealand than just the trout fishing. Whether you choose to fish surrounding rivers, take exciting Helicopter fly outs to remote rivers and streams, relax around the lodge, or participate in the many non-fishing activities New Zealand has to offer, we can customize any trip to your personal desires.


The trout on the North Island of New Zealand are primarily super strong Rainbows, with enough browns to vary the catch. The Rainbows of New Zealand are derived from Steelhead strains, making them extremely hard fighters. This also means that the Rainbows that have taken up residency in the lakes, will move to their spawning streams in the New Zealand fall.
Poronui Ranch is one of the top lodges in the world, priced at half the cost of Alaska. Poronui also has the most private water under contract (over 16,000 private acres), two on-property rivers, and offers helicopter fly-outs to wilderness streams, almost guaranteeing that you will be fishing a beat that hasn't seen an angler for 10 days or more. Poronui Ranch is a Deluxe Lodge, with luxury accommodations (made up of a main lodge and 7 individual guest cabins), outstanding gourmet food with a regional feel, a wine cellar with over 10,000 bottles covering most recognized vintages, a modern sports and relaxation center with gym and health club facilities (like steam and sauna rooms and massage rooms), and a cigar room, which includes a full-sized antique English billiard table.
Legendary guide Tony Hayes established Tongariro Lodge in 1982, so anglers could experience one of the world's finest trout fishing regions in the world, including the Tongariro River and Lake Taupo. Expert guides at Tongariro Lodge maximize the potential of each angler, from beginner to expert, and Tongariro's strategic location, in the middle of the Lake Taupo region, grants anglers access to over 40 rivers, streams, and lakes. Stalking trout at Tongariro Lodge is truly the fishing experience of a lifetime.
Tongariro offers gourmet meals (with an international reputation for using only the best New Zealand game and preparing delicious traditional New Zealand dishes) accommodations in comfortable elegance, and exceptional selection of the finest wines.

The lodge also has a diverse list of outdoor activities that will satisfy family and friends that choose to hang back, relax or indulge in all New Zealand has to offer.
Tongariro has consistently surpassed angler's expectations for more than 25 years. 


New Zealand's South Island is famous for the large wild Brown Trout that fill the island's rivers, lakes, and streams and the remarkable fishing opportunities those trout create. The Browns average 4 - 5 pounds, will readily eat large dry flies, and aren't nearly as selective as the North American cousins (the hatches are not as drastic in New Zealand as they are in North America, making NZ trout more opportunistic than selective).

Wright Palmer with a Beautiful South Island Brown

One of the unique features of the South Island, the Southern Alps, makes this part of New Zealand one of the most pictuesque trout fisheries in the world. The high mountain peaks help protect the northern part of island from weather moving in from the south west and collects substantial rainfall, which creates the cool, crystal clear, freestone streams where these large browns thrive. This mild climate, that creates such wonderful trout fishing, also makes the northern section of the island, New Zealand's most important wine-producing land.

Owen River Lodge is an outstanding contemporary lodge, located in the heart of New Zealand's best brown trout fishing, the Murchison / Nelson Lakes area of the South Island. Owen River is within an hours drive from 30 excellent brown trout rivers and streams, and has access to countless remote water by helicopter. Owner / Manager Felix Borenstein has created the ideal place to experience New Zealand's sight fishing for large brown trout in luxury accommodations. Owen River Lodge is the only 5 star fly fishing lodge in New Zealand.
Riverview Lodge offers excellent fly fishing for brown trout, spectacular views of the Hamner Springs Valley and Spencer Mountians, as well as easy access to non-fishing activities in the cities of Nelson, Christchurch, and Kaikora.

Fjordland Lodge
is situated on a bluff and overlooks Lake Te Anau, the gateway to Milford and Doubtful Sounds. The Te Anau area offers excellent fishing for wild brown and rainbow trout and Fjordland Lodge offers access to more than 40 world-class rivers and streams.

On the South Island we also recommend:
Riverview Farm Lodge, Queenstown and Blanket Bay Lodge. Please call or email Judy Hall for more information on these lodges.

New Zealand is a unique destination, offering visitors fantastic fishing, fabulous vineyards and wineries, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly "kiwi" hospitality, unlike anywhere else in the world. Angler Adventures' expertise in planning and implementing detailed itineraries is unsurpassed. We plan trips for strictly anglers or for couples and families, who prefer a wider range of experiences, including golf, hiking, birding, sight seeing with accommodations at the finest resorts, as well as intimate farm stays or bed and breakfasts. Click here for more information on our customized New Zealand Itinerary Planning.

The general trout season in New Zealand is October through April. However, the Tongariro River stays open year round and fishes well May-September.


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