Andros South

Bonefishing in South Andros, Bahamas

Andros South of South Andros, Bahamas, is located 15 minutes from the South Andros Airport in the southern section of the island and is a short distance from some of the finest bonefishing in the Bahamas. Andros South has access to literally hundreds of square miles of bone-white flats. Guests can fish nearby creeks, South Bight or vast ocean flats of the South and West coast of Andros for unlimited opportunities for trophy size bones as well as large numbers of  school size fish, which have seen relatively little fishing pressure.

Andros South has 10 clean and comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, each with tiled floors, telephones, cable television and private baths with showers. Situated in a quiet area and right on the ocean, a  refreshing swim on the beach can follow a day of fishing the flats, the nearby reef, or the deep blue water of the open ocean. Daily housekeeping is provided and laundry service is available as well. What sets Andros South apart from most lodges is that they offer Single Accommodations and sharing a boat/guide.

The South Bight

Regarded as one of the more scenic areas on the island, the South Bight has deeper channels and, as it is closer to the ocean, is home to some of the larger fish in the area as well.

Bonefish are fewer in numbers here, but, with its combination of bone-white flats, turquoise and emerald waters, fishing “The Bight” is a most memorable experience.

Little Creek

Just 5 minutes from the lodge, Little Creek is an extremely productive fishery with limitless wading opportunities and also connects guests to the vast flats of the West Coast. For those seeking more fishing time and the option for a run to the west, Little Creek is the perfect option. The west side of Andros is famous for its large bonefish. Most of the fishing done here consists of carefully stalking big, cruising doubles and singles from the bow of the skiff.

The South & West Coast

For anglers wishing to cast to a school of bonefish an acre in size, a visit to the south and west coasts of South Andros is a must. The flats here consist mostly of bright, hard sand, so this area is perfect for the wading enthusiast as well. In and around Jack Fish Cays, Water Cays, Curly Cut and Grassy Creek it is not uncommon to see schools of bonefish numbering in the hundreds. This region is the place to be if sheer numbers of fish is the goal of the day. The ocean flats of this area stretch nearly from horizon to horizon and fishing pressure is almost non-existent. Although requiring a 45 minute weather dependent boat ride, a visit to this area should be included in your week; wading adjacent to a “bone-ball” is unforgettable.

Inland Wading Andros South takes advantage of a close proximity to an incredibly vast network of inland flats and salt water lakes and ponds that can be loaded with fish under

certain conditions. When the tides are right, you may find yourself all alone amidst schools of landlocked bonefish feeding hungrily in ankle-deep water. These areas cannot be accessed by boat and are therefore rarely fished. The Andros South guides, however, have developed a unique and extensive knowledge of these fisheries and love sharing it with visitors to the lodge.

Tidal Creeks

Along the east coast of South Andros are a number of intricate tidal creek systems. Many large bones venture up these channels during the rising tide. These areas are close to the lodge, providing for longer fishing days. Deep Creek, one of many of the creek systems within minutes of Andros South Lodge, quickly opens to a 6-mile wide bay dotted with dozens of small islands, or cays. This area is the perfect spot for those looking for great fishing and a longer day on the flats. This is also a great spot to fish on windy days; there are countless leeward flats among these scattered islands.

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2021 – 2022 Rates

October 2021 – January 2022

February – June 2022

7 Night / 6 Days Fishing

$4,850 per person

$5,950 per person

6 Night / 5 Days Fishing

$4,500 per person

$5,500 per person

5 Night / 4 Days Fishing

$3,900 per person

$4,750 per person

4 Night / 3 Days Fishing

$3,150 per person

$3,850 per person

3 Night / 2 Days Fishing

$2,500 per person

$2,900 per person

Single angler per boat rates are available upon request.   Please call Angler Adventures for details.

Rates include the number of nights and fishing days in your selected package, round-trip transportation to Andros South from the South Andros airport, lodging, all meals, Loaner fly and spin tackle, terminal tackle and flies, beer, wine, and soft drinks included.

Prices do not include gratuity for guides (recommended at $80-$100 daily per boat per day), gratuity for the staff, Bahamian departure tax; Bahamas Value Added Tax (Effective January 1, 2015); Bahamas fishing license.

Single Occupancy rates are one per room & two per boat with shared guide.