Peacock Bass Fishing

Brazil is the world’s top destination for Peacock Bass fishing. The tributaries of the immense, 2 ½ million square mile Amazon River drainage system, and more specifically the Rio Negro and its tributaries, hold both the largest concentrations and the largest specimens of Peacock Bass or Tucunares, as they are known locally. While there is Peacock Bass fishing to be found in a few other South American locales, Brazil offers the best fishing along with consistent outfitting, quality fishing, and a stable infrastructure to insure a quality trip.

Peacock Bass are one of the world’s most exciting gamefish. Peacocks are aggressive and territorial ambush hunters, and are known for their explosive strikes and tackle busting runs. These fish can be literally unstoppable on their first few runs. “Savage” is the word that best describes these brutes!

Actually, Peacock Bass are not bass at all but are in fact members Cichlid family (which include the ultra-aggressive “Oscars” found in tropical fish tanks!). There are multiple species of Peacocks in the Amazon Basisn, ranging from the colorful Butterfly Peacock, (cichla oscellaris ) which run from 3 – 7 pounds, to the giant Speckled Peacock, (cichla temensis) which have been taken to over 27 pounds. Peacocks are not only one of the world’s most highly prized gamefish, but they are as beautiful as they are tough, making them a species that should be high on every traveling anglers “must catch” list.

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is a ‘fly fishing only’ operation that was voted as one of the world’s top ten fly fishing lodges by Forbes Magazine. The Agua Boa is a tributary to the Rio Branco/Rio Negro system and is protected by fly fishing only legislation. In all be the highest water, Agua Boa runs crystal clear providing great sight fishing opportunies. Agua Boa is home to 4 species of Peacock Bass as well as about a dozen other “exotics”. Anglers who are Peacock Bass fishing at Agua Boa will also be treated to comfortable air-conditioned chalets, a pool overlooking the river, gourmet meals prepared by a talented chef, and knowledgeable and experienced local guides who take pride in getting you into fish.

River Plate Anglers

River Plate Anglers, owned and operated by peacock bass pioneer, Luis Brown, has been hosting anglers fishing Peacock Bass since 1992 and offers the best variety and mobility options. River Plate utilizes a houseboat in some of the deeper, navigable channels with more “home comforts” and fly in floating cabins to access water beyond the navigable channels & their exclusive water on Indian Reserves and Government Preserves. This ability to access these more remote fishing areas combined with River Plate’s access to more than a dozen fishing areas eliminates over fishing and ensures the highest quality fishing. Both the houseboat and the fly in floating cabins can accommodate both fly and conventional fisherman, and provides 2 Loomis rods and Shimano reels with line for each angler to use while staying with River Plate Anglers.