The Bahamas: Bonefishing is Back!

New COVID-19 Regulations mean that Bonefishing in the Bahamas is back
on and travel to the Bahamas is safe and easy.


Updated on November 21, 2020 **

The Bahamas offers some of the best, most varied bonefishing in the world and is easy to access from the United States. After Hurricane Dorian in September 2019, and then COVID-19, there is some amazing bonefishing, on untouched flats, waiting for anglers to have an experience of a lifetime. Whether you plan to stay at a luxury resort, or a more rustic lodge, the 2020 – 2021 season is set up to be something special.

More information on the Bahamas specific COVID regulations and response can be found here.

The Bahamas officially reopened to tourism on November 1, 2020 after a false start in July 2020. The Bahamas crafted the current regulations to protect tourists and residents from COVID, while being as minimally invasive as possible. In some cases, like Abaco and Grand Bahama, the fisheries have been rested well beyond 9 months that were affected by COVID. They’re actually double that (18 months) since Dorian shut down the entire fall 2019 season. The Bahamas Islands have done a good job keeping COVID numbers down, especially on the more remote islands. Everyone at Angler Adventures is confident that travel to the Bahamas is safe and ready to provide the same high quality service and bonefishing that made the Bahamas the bonefishing capitol. More information on the Bahamas specific COVID regulations and response can be found here.

As of November 2020, Grand Bahama has welcomed near zero anglers for over a year and a half. That’s an unprecedented rest for flats that typically offer some of the finest bonefishing in the Caribbean. That, coupled with the unfortunate closing of several lodges (either permanent or while they rebuild) has created the unique scenario where there’s been no anglers for an unheard-of amount of time, and maximum number of anglers that can be accommodated will be less than half of normal. Don’t forget that Grand Bahama is one of the most accessible islands directly from the US, which makes it a very attractive destination, especially with the lack fishing pressure for the foreseeable future. Current direct flights options from the US to Grand Bahama.

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North Riding Point Club

North Riding Point Club is among the finest and most luxurious bonefish lodges in the Bahamas. They are conveniently located 20 miles east of Freeport, but feels totally isolated from rest of the island. The North shore of Grand Bahama is truly a world-class fishery and consistently produces world record class bonefish. For discriminating anglers looking for the best lodge and the best fishing, NRPC is clearly the choice. Click here to read about “What’s New” at NRPC, including a fly caught 14 pound bonefish. Click for more information on North Riding Point Club.

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H2O Bahamas Bonefishing

H2O Bahamas Bonefishing uses attractive hotel accommodations in the Lucaya area. They’ve designed their program to give every guest a lodge-like experience, without the restrictive nature of a lodge. H2O’s fishing program is well suited for both hard core anglers as well as those new to the sport. They allow every guest the opportunity to dine at the plethora of excellent restaurants the Lucayan district, with just your group, or new friends. H20 is the perfect destination for serious anglers looking for a independent lodging experience, or mixed fishing & non-fishing members looking for general resort amenities and activities as well as world class flats fishing.  Click for more information on H2O Bonefishing.

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Grand Bahama Bonefishing

Grand Bahama Bonefishing is located in the Port Lucaya section of Freeport. David Pinder Jr and Jeffery Pinder guide guests and provide accommodations at the Lighthouse Inn (currently closed). This is a popular choice for families or mixed groups of fishermen and non-fishers.  Click for more information on Grand Bahama Bonefishing.

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The Delphi Club

The Delphi Club is an excellent choice for anglers interested in fly fishing the world class bonefisheries of the Marls, Cherokee Sound, Crossing Rocks, Sandy Point, and Moore’s Island. The lodging itself has a first class European feel and is a special place to relax after a day of fishing, with or without non-angling companions. The Delphi Club is a colonial plantation style lodge with a spectacular ocean front location located 30 minutes South of Marsh Harbour. The lodge can accommodate 16 guests in 8 well-appointed bedrooms.  Click for more information on The Delphi Club.

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Andros Island

Andros Island is the largest island of the Bahamas and also offers some of the biggest bonefish anywhere in the world. Five and six pound fish are common. Fifteen pounders have been landed. Andros Island also offers an incredible diversity of flats fishing along the coasts of three distinct bights. Traveling to Andros isn’t complicated, but can be confusing because there are no major airlines flying to Andros – we’ve simplified the process and have our recommended options for reaching the 4 airports on Andros listed here.

Learn more about Middle Andros Island Lodges & Experiences

North Andros Fly Fishing

North Andros Fly Fishing is an intimate operation, providing access to the famous bonefishing on the Joulter Cays’ 20 miles of extensive hard sand flats – a wade fisherman’s paradise. North Andros Fly Fishing also provides access to the west side of Andros, which offers large bonefish, resident tarpon, and occasional permit. North Andros Fly Fishing is an ideal destination during COVID because they cater to individual groups of up to 6 angers, and only host one group at a time.  Click for more information on North Andros Fly Fishing.

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Mangrovee Cay Club

Mangrove Cay Club is on the south shore of the Middle Bight, giving anglers convenient access to the Middle Bight, North Bight and the famed West Side of Andros. Their luxury lodging, gourmet food and guided bonefishing on a par with the best lodges in the Bahamas. We consider Mangrove Cay Club to be one of the top lodges in Bahamas.  Click for more information on Mangrove Cay Club.

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The Andros Island Bonefish Club

The Andros Island Bonefish Club has been an icon in Bahamas bonefishing for over 30 years. This is the lodge that got things going on Andros. A true Bahamian family run operation, AIBC continues the legacy of Legend Rupert Leadon. High quality bonefishing and authentic Bahamian hospitality, all in the middle of an amazing, big bonefish fishery that’s suitable for first time bonefisherman, as well as seasoned anglers.  Click for more information on Andros Island Bonefish Club.

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Tranquility Hill Lodge

Tranquility Hill Lodge is located at Behring Point, Andros, overlooking the island’s North Bight. Tranquility Hill was constructed in the early 90’s by legendary Bahamaian bonefish guides Ray Mackey and the late Ivan Neymour. For nearly 20 years Tranquility Hill has offered comfortable, attractive accommodations for 16 anglers and access to the legendary bonefish flats of the North Bight of Andros. Tranquility Hill is not only a perennial favorite of Angler Adventures clients but is one of the best values in quality Bahamas bonefishing lodges.  Click for more information on Tranquility Hill.

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Mars Bay Lodge

The southern-most bonefishing operation is Mars Bay Lodge. American manager/owner, Bill Howard, offers simple and clean accommodations and close proximity to prime bonefish flats (Mars Bay is 5 miles further south than any lodge on Andros and offers the quickest access to the wilderness flats of South Andros). The location, experienced guides and Bill’s meticulous attention to detail makes Mars Bay a great choice for anglers primarily interested in bonefishing.  Click for more information on Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge.

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Pleasant Bay Bonefishing Lodge

Pleasant Bay Bonefish Lodge is a small family owned and operated lodge in the second southernmost Township in South Andros. This location is ideal since it means shorter boat rides to the bonefishing flats of South Andros, as well as access to areas like Grassy Creek and the West Side. Pleasant Bay has been one of South Andros’ best-kept secrets and has proven to be one of the islands shining stars.  Click for more information on Pleasant Bay Bonefish Lodge.

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Flamingo Cay Bonefish Lodge

Flamingo Cay Rod & Gun Club is the only fishing lodge situated on the legendary west coast of Andros. Given its remote location (guests are flown in by private float plane), we would describe Flamingo Cay Club as luxurious. It’s not inexpensive, but there’s nothing else quite like it in the Bahamas. Space is limited to 8 guests, and Flamingo Cay will typically only host one intact group at a time.  Click for more information on Flamingo Cay.

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Grey's Point Inn

Our favorite bonefishing operation on Acklins Island, Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn opened to customers in January 1997. The lodge is a beautifully renovated guesthouse perched on a hill overlooking Relief Bay on northern Acklins.   One of our favorite features is that more than 90% of the fishing from Grey’s Point is wading on beautiful, firm bottomed flats, both on Relief Bay, and the appropriately named, Lovely Bay which is a 20-minute car ride from the lodge.  Both of these areas literally miles of lightly fished wading flats.  Click for more information on Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn.

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Andros South

Andros South offers access to the expansive flats and creeks of South Andros and single occupancy accommodations are provided to all anglers. Andros South has quickly become one of South Andros’ most popular bonefishing lodges.  Click for more information on Andros South.

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Bair’s Lodge

Bair’s Lodge, is a small but extremely well-run bonefishing facility. It is one of our perennial Bahamas favorites and is considered by many to be the benchmark for quality bonefishing lodges in the Bahamas. Everything is top shelf. Bair’s offers incredible bonefishing on the southern tip and southwest side of Andros.  Click for more information on Bair’s Lodge.

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Bahamas Bonefishing Regulations

What are the Pre-Trip Requirements for Travel to the Bahamas

  • US Citizens can travel to the Bahamas as tourists without having to quarantine upon arrival
  • All Travelers must present a negative result from a RT-PCR test, which must be take no more than 5 days prior to arrival.
  • Each Traveler mush submit a Travel Health Visa Application and have it approved before beginning travel to the Bahamas. The approval process can take up to 72 hours, and the negative RT-PCR result will be required to finish the application for travel.
  • Each traveler will need to present their final confirmation documents of their Travel Health Visa and their negative RT-PCR test results before boarding the aircraft, and upon arrival in the Bahamas.

Is anyone Exempt from the Bahamas Pre-Trip Requirements

Please Note that the following travelers are exempt from presenting a COVID-19 test: Children under the age of 10, pilots and crew who will remain in The Bahamas for not more than one night.

What are Requirements for Visitors while in the Bahamas

  • Each traveler will need to present their final confirmation documents of their Travel Health Visa and their negative RT-PCR test results upon arrival in the Bahamas.
  • Each traveler must complete a daily online health questionnaire while in the Bahamas.
  • Each Traveler will be expected to follow COVID guidelines, such as wearing a face covering, social distancing, and frequent hand watching.
  • Travelers staying for 5 days or more, must take a COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test on day 5 of the visit. The “rapid” test isn’t required if travelers leave on or before day 5 of their visit.

Are there any restrictions for Inter-Island Travel?

Please Note: Everyone travelling inter-island from New Providence (Nassau) to other islands are required to undergo a RT PCR test no more than five (5) days prior to travel and produce a negative result. However, if a person who entered The Bahamas and is transiting through New Providence (Nassau) to a Family Island within a period of less than 24 hours, they are not required to apply for a Travel Health Visa for inter-island (domestic) travel nor are they subject to the mandatory quarantine process that is in effect through November 8.

Are there any additional costs associated with Travel to the Bahamas

Effective November 14, 2020, all visitors will be required to opt-in to mandatory COVID-19 health insurance when applying for their Travel Health Visa. The insurance will cover travelers for the duration of their stay in The Bahamas. Fees for the Bahamas Health Travel Visa, inclusive of Day 5 Rapid Antigen Test and mandatory health insurance, are:

  • $40 – Visitors staying up to four nights and five days.
  • $40 – Citizens and returning residents.
  • $60 – Visitors staying more than four nights.
  • Free – Children 10 years and under; pilot/crew of a commercial carrier

More Helpful Information on Travel to the Bahamas and COVID

Travel Visa Information:

The Bahamas has changed their requirements several times for international travelers to enter the Bahamas since the initial attempt to open in July 2020 wasn’t successful.  The Bahamas has controlled the rise in COVID cases from the summer, the great majority of which were in Nassau.  For up to date information on the number of COVID cases in the Bahamas, please visit the Office of the Prime Minister’s webpage. The following information is current as of November 10, 2020, but is subject to change without notice.  We suggest that anyone planning to travel to the Bahamas reconfirm these requirements with Angler Adventures, or the Bahamas website regarding travel ( even if you’re within two weeks of your trip.

** The COVID-19 pandemic causes conditions and regulations to change rapidly. Information on this page is the latest provided to us and we will work to keep it updated as often as possible. For the most up-to-date information on travel and safety, contact us.