Iceland‘s Top Fishing Rivers and Lodges

Iceland is home to the world’s most beautiful and prolific salmon, trout and sea-trout rivers. This remarkable island and western most European nation is often called “The Land of Fire & Ice”, reference to her active volcanoes and immense glaciers. This is a land unspoiled by man and blessed with an abundance of pure unpolluted lakes and crystal clear rivers. The fertile green “Ring” surrounding the perimeter of the island offers some 5000 kilometers of coast line and no less than 100 scheduled salmon rivers and many more sea-trout and char rivers.

Strict conversation measures and carefully regulated access to the fisheries have insured the integrity of the salmon, char and sea-trout runs and have sustained a quality of sport, much the same as it was 25 or even 50 years ago.

Each salmon river is evaluated as to how many anglers or “rods” it can support. Rod allocation can run from as few as 2 rods per river, to as high as 20 or more on some of the larger rivers. A river with a 10 rod designation for example, allows no more than 10 “rods” per day fishing the river at any given time. Most rivers fish a 12 hour day and will allow 2 anglers to “share a rod” (effectively giving each angler 6 hours fishing per day). This insures the rivers are not over-fished and also gives each angler plenty of quality water to fish each day.

We have assembled here what we believe to be the very best that Iceland has to offer. Through our affiliation with the Angling Club Lax-á, we have obtained access to some of the very best weeks of the season on many of these rivers. And through our affiliation with Icelandair, we are able to offer the lowest available air fares from the United States to Reykjavik through our air inclusive packages.