• Argentina

    Argentina Fly Fishing

    Take a trout fishing expedition in Patagonia with Angler Adventures

    Argentina is one of the top destinations to fly fish for trout. Angler Adventures represents lodges from Esquel to Junin del los Andes with Bariloche in the middle. This region represents the best trout fishing Argentina has to offer, including extensive wade and float fishing options – much of it on private estancias (ranches).


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    in beautiful Patagonia, Argentia

    Arroyo Claro Lodge

    Jorge Graziosi has been guiding in Patagonia Argentina since 1968, first under the name Safaris Acuaticos and more recently as Arroyo Claro Lodge, which he opened 1999. In 2006, Jorge

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    Malleo River Argentina Brown Trout Fly Fishing Andes Angler Adventures

    Fly Fishing Andes

    Fly Fishing Andes offers miles upon miles of private access water on multi-thousand acre estancias (ranches), where you might never see another angler during your fishing
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    Jurassic Lake

    Jurassic Lake, locally known as Lago Strobel, has garnered a reputation as the most prolific Rainbow Trout fishery in the world. Located in the rugged

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    Limay River Lodge

    The Limay River Lodge is the first and only lodge on the incomparable Middle Limay River. The lodge opened in November 2014 and created easy access to a

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    Rio Manso Lodge

    Rio Manso Lodge is located on the Eastern bank of Lake Hess and the Manso River in the Nahuel Huapi National Park (the first national park

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    Tecka Lodge

    Tecka Lodge is a unique fishing property, holding more than 90-miles of fishable private water inside of 435,000 acres. It’s hard to imagine a scenario better

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    Tierra Del Fuego

    Rio Grande Salmon fishermen, steelheaders, or anyone keen to pursue “overstuffed, energized anadramous torpedoes” should head to Southern Argentina this winter. Angler Adventures represents Kau Tapen

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  • Mauritius

    ‘s Top Fishing Rivers and Lodges

    St. Brandon’s Atoll
    St. Brandon’s Atoll, Mauritius is possibly the best bonefishery in the world based on numbers, size, and willingness to eat a fly. St. Brandon’s Atoll (also know as Cargados Carajos Shoals) is a collection […]

  • Venezuela

    Los Roques
    At Los Roques it is “business as usual” and that means the flats have been rested and the bonefish are eager! Chip Bates of Angler Adventures traveled to Los Roques in early July 2003 and reports that the political […]

  • Turks and Caicos

    The Turks & Caicos Islands are a British Overseas Territory lying just southeast of Mayaguana, Bahamas. The topography and marine ecosystem of the Turks & Caicos is almost identical to the Bahamas. There are 9 “major” islands in the Turks […]

  • Tierra Del Fuego

    Rio Grande
    Salmon fishermen, steelheaders, or anyone keen to pursue “overstuffed, energized anadramous torpedoes” should head to Southern Argentina this winter. Angler Adventures represents Kau Tapen Lodge,  Villa Maria Lodge and Aurelia Lodge, all located on the famous Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego, where […]

  • Seychelles

    Fly fishing adventures in


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    in beautiful SEYCHELLES, AFRICA

    Farquhar Atoll

    Farquhar Atoll is a top flats fishing destination offering anglers exceptional diversity. Target bonefish, permit, triggerfish, GT and bumphead parrotfish. Unbelievable fishing, remote location and world-class service – a must visit location for adventurous anglers.

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    Astove Atoll

    Synonymous with the largest flats-caught GT’s in the Indian Ocean. A shallow lagoon with small entrance surrounded by sheer drop-offs. A truly unique fly fishing destination.

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    Providence Atoll

    Remote, virtually untouched, and one of the wildest fly-fishing destinations available. Triggerfish, Giant Trevally, and Bumphead Parrotfish rule these waters.

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    Ready to chase fly-crushing GTs in the surf? How about sight-fishing and tailing Indo-Pacific permit on remote atolls, wrangling wily triggerfish and bumphead parrotfishAnd let’s not forget about the endless flats filled with hard-fighting bonefish!

    THE SEYCHELLES offers anglers multiple species and challenging angling opportunities. An archipelago country in the remote Indian Ocean, the Seychelles hosts a truly wild fly-fishing experience while enjoying luxury accommodations, fine dining, incredible guides, and service.

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    Diverse Fish Species

    in beautiful SEYCHELLES, AFRICA

    giant trevally seychelles farquhar atoll angler adventures clinton ct Andre 118cm v2

    GIant Trevally

    (GT, Geet, Gangster of the Flats)

    No matter what you call them, these fish have captured the imaginations of anglers everyone and are the focal point of many Seychelles fishing trips. These large apex predators create viscious, violent and visual takes and are incredibly strong fighters. The Seychelles is the premier destinations for targeting Giant Trevally.


    (Albula Vulpes)

    Bonefish are found in excellent numbers across the Seychelles. In some fisheries, they are the predominate game fish and the go to target species for fly anglers. In other destinations, they play a supporting role to more exotic query like Giant Trevally. Either way, the bonefishing in the Seychelles is among the best flats fly fishing available period.

    Bonefish Seychelles Africa Fly Fishing Angler Adventures Chris
    Chris and Dave permit 3

    Indo-Pacific Permit

    (Giant Permit)

    Permit everywhere are recognized as one of the most discerning and difficult species to target on the fly. The Indo-Pacific Permit are no different that the Atlantic counterparts, and can breed the same compulsive focus from serious anglers. Convincing an Indo-Pacific Permit to eat a well-presented crab fly is one of the most rewarding experiences, whether it’s on the coral edges of Farquhar Atoll, in the lagoon on Astove, or tailing on the flats of Cosmoledo.

    Bumphead Parrotfish

    (Bumpies, Buffalo Parrotfish)

    “Bumpies” are a totally unique species found in tropical waters near coral. These fish are incredibly beautiful and strong. As a gamefish, they are unpredictable, but can be caught on the fly when feeding on or around the coral, or when they are tailing on large schools, typically on turtle grass flats. The secret is keeping the fly totally still! Bumphead Parrotfish are only found consistently on Farquhar and Providence Atolls. The vivid colors, prominent parrot-like beak, and the massive bump makes this fish recognizable in every photo.

    bumphead parrot fish seychelles farquhar atoll angler adventures clinton ct Farquhar-Nov18-52
    milkfish milkies farquhar atoll angler adventures clinton ct
    Cosmoledo Angler Adventures Seychelles Afria Fly Fishing AFC-cosmoledo-milk-01-MarkHatter


    (Milkies, fork-tailed devil, Bandeng, Bangos)

    Milkies are a unique species to target because the primary flies  imitate the appearance of algae! They can grow to over 6 feet long and are extremely hard fighting fish with unusual endurance. Milkfish are also known as the fork-tailed devil, because like permit, they are extremely finicky. They’re surprisingly easy to spot when on the flats – they are usually found in small pods cruising over algae patches with their tails protruding out of the water as they feed on the bottom. 


    (YELLOWMARGIN, Moustache, Picasso )

    There are primarily three species of triggerfish found in Seychelles: Yellowmargin, Moustache, and Picasso. They prefer the shallow coral reefs and flats. The yellow margin triggerfish prefers sandy-bottomed areas close to patches of turtle grass and coral. It is also common to find a yellow margin close to a large coral “Bommie” situated on a white sandy flat. Remember these 3 things when fly fishing for triggerfish: Approach quietly and keep maximum distance, make your first cast count, and make your first cast count!

    titan triggerfish seychelles farquhar atoll angler adventures clinton ct

    Angler Adventures has been expertly planning trips to the Seychelles since 2000. We specialize in putting anglers at the right destination at the right time. From selecting your destination, to booking your flights, to packing the right gear, we provide honest advice and personalized service. Whether you’re chasing trophy GT’s, crossing exotic species off your bucket list, or searching for awesome fishing with a luxury experience for a non-angler, Angler Adventures can get you to the right place. Looking for more than one experience, we love putting together customized multiple week/destination packages.

    The Seychelles might be the most dynamic, remote fishery on the planet. Uninhabited atolls in the middle of the Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles from the next sign of humanity. Angler daydreams of cranking down the drag on a 3-foot Giant Trevally heading from the surf to the edge of reef, or trying to stay calm while casting a crab to a feed Indo-Pacific Permit, or setting the hook into the beak of a Bumphead Parrot fish, or stalking a Yellow Margin Triggerfish as it tips down to eat. These wild and unique fisheries are coupled with incredible programs that provide elite service, luxury accommodations, and a lifetime of memories.

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  • Africa

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    Alphonse Island Fishing Company
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