• Prime Time Bonefishing

    Two of our most popular Bahamas lodges, Bair’s Lodge, in South Andros and Abaco Lodge, on Abaco, consistently score an excellent rating in fishing, guides, accommodations, food and service. Many of our long-time clients have never been to Bair’s or Abaco Lodge since most of the space is sold to repeat customers a year in advance. The following is a listing of available dates (please see our Bair’s Lodge or Abaco Lodge pages for a complete listing the current rates). These spaces will fill up quickly; we suggest contacting us immediately if you are interested.

    Abaco Lodge (offering 7 rooms for 8 anglers) on the Marls of Abaco Island has quickly become one of the most sought-after lodges in the Bahamas. Single rooms (first come first served), new customized Maverick Skiffs, excellent management, superb guides, and a unique fishery keep stock in Abaco Lodge rising.

    Abaco Lodge Prime Time Availability

    Oct 17 – 21, 20234-nights/3-days2 Rods$4,012.50 + VAT
    Oct 21 – 25, 20234-nights / 3-days6 Rods$4,012.50 + VAT
    Nov 5 – 8, 20233-nights / 2-days2 Rods$4,050.00 + VAT
    Nov 15 – 20, 20235-nights / 4-days4 Rods$6,450.00 + VAT
    Dec 11 – 16, 20235-nights / 4-days6 Rods$6,450.00 + VAT
    Jan 27 – Feb 3, 20247-nights / 6-days4 Rods$7,950.00 + VAT
    Feb 3 – 7, 20244-nights / 3-days4 Rods$5,650.00 + VAT
    Feb 10 – 14, 20244-nights / 3-days8 Rods$5,650.00 + VAT
    Feb 15 – 20, 20245-nights / 4-days2 Rods$6.750.00 + VAT 
    March 9 – 12, 20243-nights / 2-days2 Rods$4,275.00 + VAT
    March 15 – 19, 20244-nights / 3-days6 Rods$5,650.00 + VAT

     Bair’s Lodge (offering 6 rooms for 12 anglers) overlooks a beautiful remote beach on South Andros. Bair’s has been in our top five most popular Bahamas bonefish destinations for the better part of two decades. Bair’s has one of the deepest guide rosters anywhere, new Maverick Skiffs customized for South Andros, and access to all of South Andros fishing zones.

    Bair's Lodge Prime Time Availability


    Oct 5 – 11, 20235-nights/4-days6 Rods$5,212.50 + VAT
    Oct 11 – 15, 20234-nights / 3-days6 RodsCall for Special Discount
    Oct 18 – 23, 20235-nights / 4-days8 Rods$4,837.50 + VAT
    Nov 17 – 21, 20234-nights / 3-days4 Rods$5,350.00 + VAT
    Dec 5 – 9, 20234-nights / 3-days2 Rods$5,350.00 + VAT
    March 6 – 11, 20244-nights / 3-days6 Rods$5,650.00 + VAT
    March 15 – 19, 20244-nights / 3-days8 Rods$5,650.00 + VAT
    March 19 – 22, 20243-nights / 2-days2 Rods$4,275.00 + VAT
    March 22 – 29, 20247-nights / 6-days2 Rods$7,950.00 + VAT

    We would love for you to have the opportunity to experience two of our finest lodges in the Bahamas. Availabilities are subject to change. Please contact us to confirm and book any of these dates.

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    Click here for an update on the South Andros fishing.

    Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge is home to world class bahamas bonefishing in the heart of south Andros. Mars Bay is the southernmost bonefishing lodge in Andros by about 5 miles, meaning a […]

  • Playa Blanca Lodge

    For anglers seeking the ultimate in seclusion and a world-class flats fishery, it’s hard to top Playa Blanca on Espiritu Santo Bay.

    Playa Blanca is actually Casa Blanca’s “sister lodge” and is also within the massive Sian Ka’an Biosphere. Guests take the 120 mile […]

  • Pesca Maya Fishing Lodge

    Pesca Maya Fishing Lodge is located 90 miles south of Cancun in the amazing 1.3 million acre Sian Ka’an (Mayan for “where the sky is born”) Biosphere Reserve. Situated on a long, narrow strip of barrier beach, the lodge is virtually surrounded by water. To the east lies the blue Caribbean and a few hundred yards off shore, the Palencar Barrier Reef, the second longest barrier reef in the world, stretching from southern Belize to north of Cancun. To the western side lies the vast “El Rio” system of flats, channels and mangrove. 10 miles to the north is the famed inlet through the barrier beach known locally as the “Boca”. And 4 miles to the south lies the incomparable Ascension Bay, offering some of the world’s greatest flats fishing for bonefish, permit, snook, tarpon and more.

    The Fishing: The waters of Ascension Bay and the adjacent lagoon system are most noted for flats fishing. Pesca Maya’s location is ideal to fish both areas. The dock is a short walk from the lodge and productive fishing can begin immediately.

    When fishing Ascension Bay, the boats run 10 minutes south to the outlet of the lagoon into the bay. From there, running times to some of the most productive areas are: 5 minutes to Maravilla, 25 minutes to Cayo Culebra; 40 minutes to Tres Marias; 30 minutes to Esperanza or the tip of Vigia Grande. Blessed with the protection afforded by the barrier reef, the bay is a unique ecosystem providing literally miles of flats and ideal habitat for bonefish, tarpon, permit and snook. Ascension Bay is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest permit fisheries. The average size permit is around 12 – 14 pounds but the Bay has produced monsters topping the 50-pound mark! And for some unknown reason, Ascension Bay permit seem to eat flies better than permit in other areas. For flyrodders in quest of landing this most coveted and challenging of species, we know of no other fishery that produces more fly caught permit than Ascension Bay.

    While migratory tarpon up to 100 + pounds may be encountered on the flats anytime from April through November, resident juvenile tarpon are found near the back of the bay year round. Areas like Los Rios (The Rivers) bring fresh water into the bay providing an ideal brackish water environment tarpon favor.

    The back of the bay is also where you’ll find the snook. Ascension Bay produces some exceptionally large snook, some topping 30 pounds! They are typically found tight to the mangroves presenting dual challenges of getting the fly to them, and then landing them! But on occasion, you’ll find them crossing the flat. Seeing a 20 + pound snook cruising across shallow open water is a thing of beauty!

    The bay opens to the east and periods of strong easterly winds can make fishing difficult. One solution is to fish the El Rio lagoon system, which runs north and south and offers miles of flats protected from the easterly wind by the barrier beach and vast mangrove system.

    Fishing the lagoon can begin at El Rio Lagoon, and fish are sometimes caught within poling distance of the Pesca Maya dock (one client caught a 20 pound permit within 100 feet of the dock!). Heading north the lagoon system are San Miguel Lagoon (20 minutes); the “Boca” and Boca Paila Lagoon (45 minutes); and the Campachen Lagoon (60 minutes). Bonefish and permit are found the entire length of the lagoon and there a few known hot spots for baby tarpon and snook.

    Bonefish are plentiful at Pesca Maya and will average 1 – 3 pounds in the lagoon system and 2 – 5 pounds in the bay. In recent years, the average size of the bones seems to have increased, and fish in the 6 – 8 pound class may be encountered in the bay. There are an abundance of good wading flats for bonefish on Ascension Bay, and permit are often taken by the wading fisherman.

    This fishery has produced more “Grand Slams” (bonefish, permit, tarpon in a single day) than any other fishery in the world, and the rare Super Grand Slam (the snook as the 4th) has been achieved a number of times. Other species you might encounter include barracuda, jacks, mutton snapper, ladyfish, triple tail and cubera snapper.

     Fishing from the beach at Pesca Maya can also be productive. Beach fishing can be done on your own before or after the guided fishing day. Available species from the beach include: bonefish, barracuda, jacks and mackerel. For jacks and mackerel try poppers or sinking lines.



    Pesca Maya runs a fleet of 23 foot, shallow draft “pangas” powered by 50 – 60 hp 4-stroke Yamaha outboards. All 8 boats were completely redone with new gel coat and paint in 2013. The boats are equipped poling platforms and casting decks with optional leaning posts, rod holders, comfortable bucket seats for the anglers, radio and safety equipment including life preservers and first aid kits. These pangas are exceptionally seaworthy and feature higher gunnels, which provide added protection from splash on windy days.

    Pesca Maya boats carry 2 anglers, one guide and one “apprentice guide”. All of the guides speak English, (some better than others) and have years of experience. In fact the core of the guide staff have guided for the lodge since it opened in 1996. The apprentice’s are part of Pesca Maya’s innovative guide training program. Each must participate in the lodge’s “Guide School” (and pass) before spending several years as an apprentice guide. Those who excel ultimately are promoted to Guide. The apprentices are adept at basic guide skills including knot tying and spotting fish and can be a tremendous aid to the anglers, especially when wading.

    Pesca Maya’s rental tackle inventory has also been beefed up with the addition of 8 new top of the line Sage Xi3 rods with Hatch reels spooled with new Rio Bonefish taper flylines. 10 new Shimano spinning rods and reels are also available for spinfishers.

    Pesca Maya offers accommodations in a beautiful 4-bedroom house for up to 8 anglers at a time.  The house is located a few steps from our white sand beach.  Close enough where guests can enjoy the Caribbean breeze and the sound of the waves. The four double occupancy rooms are well appointed and very comfortable, each has air conditioning and a quality Starlink internet connection.  Pesca Maya uses solar panels to provide the electricity.

    The house has a comfortable dining room where Pesca Maya serves a variety of Mexican dishes for dinner.  Breakfasts are also expertly prepared and served in the dinning room. A lunch buffet is set out each morning consisting of a selection of meats, spreads, breads, condiments, fruits and other snacks for anglers to build their own designer lunch.  There is a comfortable sperate sitting area with a sea view where clients are often found enjoying a cold beer after a long day of fishing.

    While first and foremost a fishing lodge, non-anglers will feel welcome at Pesca Maya. Besides miles of world-class beaches to comb, the lodge can arrange a number of ecotours or sightseeing excursions including a boat trip to the Mayan ruins at Tulum.

    Fishing Calendar at Pesca Maya

    JANUARY – MARCH: Bonefishing and permit fishing is excellent. Some tarpon and snook may be taken.

    APRIL – JUNE: Bonefishing and permit fishing remain excellent. The larger migratory tarpon arrive in early April and stay well into November.

    JULY – SEPTEMBER: These are rainy months but winds are usually light, which facilitates seeing and casting to bonefish and permit. There’s a “Little Dry” season in August. Tarpon fishing continues to be very good.

    OCTOBER – DECEMBER: Excellent for all flat species. The rainy season diminishes through October, and November and December are dry months. An excellent time for “Grand Slams”. The migratory tarpon start to move out in late November.


    Pesca Maya 2022-2023 Season Rates & Information
    (Rates are subject to change)

    Package Duration

    Double Occupancy

    Single Occupancy

    3 Nights / 2 Days Fishing

    $ 2,088.00 pp

    $ 3,338.00

    4 Nights / 3 Days Fishing

    $ 2,751.00 pp

    $ 4,936.00

    5 Nights / 4 Days Fishing

    $ 3.415.00 pp

    $ 6,121.00

    6 Nights / 5 Days Fishing

    $ 4,.078.00 pp

    $ 7,306.00

    7 Nights / 6 Days Fishing

    $ 4,742.00 pp

    $ 8,491.00

    Included: round-trip ground & boat transfer from Cancun Airport to Pesca Maya; lodging in beach front cabana with private bath and air conditioning; three meals a day; flats skiff with native guide daily; use of lodge’s tackle (offshore trips only); use of lodge’s fly tying facility and materials; beverages, table wine, beer, liquor; Sian Ka’an entrance fee.

    Not included: air travel to Cancun; baggage overweight charges; airport departure tax; laundry bills and other items of a personal nature (NOTE: cellular phone service is available at camp for emergency use. Long distance and cellular charges will be added to your final bill); tackle; gratuities for guides (suggested $50 – $58 per boat per day) and kitchen/housekeeping staff (suggested $20 per person per day); fishing license; special transfer costs necessitated by late arriving, early departing or missed flights ($250 per vehicle trip); optional trips to fresh water lagoon and Mayan Ruins (arranged in advance with resident manager).

    Promotional Rates: For reservations from November 1, 2019 – February 28, 2020 (except Christmas season Dec. 18 – Jan. 4), deduct 10% from the rates shown above. For reservations from June 15 – October 31, 2019 deduct 20% from the rates shown above.

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  • Bair’s Lodge

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    Cape Santa Maria (CSM) Beach Resort, located at the northern tip of Long Island in the Southern Bahamas is famous for its warm hospitality, and spectacular beaches. Over 4 miles of deserted beach, great snorkeling and fishing make Cape Santa Maria […]

  • Mangrove Cay Club

    Mangrove Cay Club is one of our favorite Andros bonefishing lodges in terms of accommodations, management and fishing guides.

    Formerly a large coconut plantation, Mangrove Cay Club is located on a remote waterfront site on the north shore of Mangrove Cay, […]

  • North Andros Fly Fishing

    Phillip Rolle’s North Andros Fly Fishing is an intimate operation, giving 4 – 6 anglers direct access to the famous bonefishing found on the Joulter Cays. The Joulters are a collection of around 50 small islands, spread out over a 125 mile […]

  • Deep Water Cay Club

    Deep Water Cay Club (DWCC), located on Grand Bahama Island, is hard to beat for consistently productive bonefishing, top Bahamas’ guides, state-of-the-art bonefish skiffs, outstanding facilities and management, all within close proximity to the USA. A good thing just got better. […]

  • East End Lodge

    East End Lodge, as the name suggests, is located at the East End of Grand Bahama Island. The lodge’s location allows guests access to the famous 250 square miles of bonefishing habitat pioneered by Deep Water Cay Club. The proximity to excellent bonefishing, the experienced guide roster, and the lodge’s focus on providing access to excellent fishing with quality accommodations at an affordable rate makes East End Lodge a top choice for any angler considering a fishing trip to Grand Bahama.

    The East End of Grand Bahama offers extraordinary fishing opportunities partly due to a few key physical features. First, the island is surrounded by deep water. This close proximity to deep water gives big bonefish a sense of security on the flats, floods the flats with cool, oxygenated water twice daily, and allows for some of the best Permit fishing in the Bahamas (seasonally). Second, there are five bights that run diagonally (Southwest to Northeast) through the east end. Like the bights of Andros, this creates a complex flats system with variable tides, depending on where you’re fishing. Smaller than the bights of Andros, you can motor through the East End’s bights in 20 minutes to get to the outside. It’s almost always possible to find optimal tidal conditions – fishing medium to low tides all day.

    East End Lodge is within an hour’s boat ride of over 250 square miles of bonefish flats, with plenty of wadable hard-packed, white sand flats and are ideal for spotting fish and comfortable to wade. The average fish is between 3 – 5 pounds, but fish in the 7 – 10 pound range are a daily possibility, and fish up to 14 pounds have been landed. In addition to bonefish, there are good numbers of barracuda and sharks on the flats and snapper, jacks, and sometimes tarpon (not common) in the deeper cuts. There are also permit fishing “hot spots” further afield, like Moores Island and Burrows Cay. Anglers should note that permit fishing in the Bahamas is unpredictable, but the areas around East End Lodge are known for producing permit in the 28 – 30 pound range, and fish over 45 pounds have been landed.

    East End Lodge is staffed by a roster of veteran local guides: Cecil, Simeon, Howard, Willis and Walter, each of whom have a minimum of 18 years experience guiding bonefishermen in this area. The guides work on a rotational basis and you may fish with a different guide each day. The fishing day is generally from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM but the East End Lodge guides fish longer days if requested. However, for safety reasons all boats must be back at the dock well before dark.

    East End Lodge was completely rebuilt in 2021 after Hurricane Dorian, and is comprised of three buildings. There are six (6) single occupancy rooms and four (4) double occupancy rooms, available on a first come first served basis. The main lodge is comprised of modest sitting area, full dining accommodations and a well-stocked bar. Each building is well-designed and air conditioned.  All cottages have large decks with views of the crushed coral courtyard and its massive fire pit, the marina, tiki huts, the ocean, and the docks. There is even a high-def flat screen television available in the lodge with DIRECTV service so that guest can take in games or watch other important programming.  

    The bonefish skiffs are easily accessed from floating docks a mere 60 feet from your room.

    East End Lodge has seven specially designed 16-ft Dolphin Super Skiffs with 85-hp Yamaha engines. Each boat has a casting deck with removable leaning post, center console steering behind two comfortable bucket seats for anglers, poling platform and a cooler for lunches and cold drinks. All boats are double hulled, self-bailing and unsinkable and each has a cell phone and radio for communication with the Lodge’s base station and with one another at all times.

     East End Lodge also operates a 23 ft. Mako for reef or “offshore” fishing where the reef on the Southside of the island drops off. Weather permitting, anglers looking for a break from flats fishing can target snapper, shark, barracuda, mahi, and wahoo. East End Lodge is one of the few lodges in the Bahamas that offers an “offshore” option. 


    East End Lodge

    2022 - 2023 RATES

     PackageDouble OccupancySingle Occupancy
    7 Nights / 6 Days Fishing $5,935per person $6,565 per person
    6 Nights / 5 Days Fishing $5,085 per person $5,625 per person
    5 Nights / Days Fishing $4,235 per person $4,685 per person
    4 Nights / 3 Days Fishing $3,385 per person $3,745 per person
    3 Nights / 2 Days Fishing $2,540 per person $2,810 per person

    Included: roundtrip airport transfers Freeport/East End Lodge, guided fishing based on two anglers per boat / guide; accommodations based as described above; breakfast, picnic lunch with purified or bottled water; dinners with complimentary wine, optional use of lodge’s rods and reels (Loomis rods and Hatch reels or Shimano spinning gear); Bahamas Value Added Tax (VAT).

    Not Included: Guide & staff gratuities; flies, lures, terminal tackle and accessories (some items available for purchase at the lodge); Use of the Mako; Alcoholic beverages (other than wine with dinner); soda, juices or beer or candy bars to take aboard the boat or at the lodge; laundry service (nominal charge); Bahamas fishing license.

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    Grand Bahama Bonefishing is a new name with old faces in the bonefishing world. The Pinder brothers are seasoned guides with many years of experience and value your friendship and promise to give you an exceptional day on the water.

    The North Shore of Grand […]

  • Kamalame Cay

    Experience “ALL INCLUSIVE” world-class accommodations and exceptional service on a private cay while fishing pristine Bahamas bonefish flats, diving the warm, azure Caribbean Sea, or relaxing on your villa’s private verandah.

    The remote north and northwest Andros Island flats and the […]

  • Andros South

    Andros South of South Andros, Bahamas, is located 15 minutes from the South Andros Airport in the southern section of the island and is a short distance from some of the finest bonefishing in the Bahamas. Andros South has access to […]

  • Abaco Lodge

    NOTICE:  Abaco Lodge reopened in April 2023 after sustaining severe damage during Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.  We’re excited to have this wonderful property back in operation after more than 3 years!  We’ll continue to update this page as we continue to get great reports. 

    The “Marls of Abaco” is a vast expanse of prime, wilderness bonefish habitat, situated along the western shore of Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. This little fished area spans some 300 square miles: 30 miles north – south and about 10 miles off the west coast of Abaco. The Marls have long been known by well-traveled bonefishermen as one of the most unique and productive fisheries in the Bahamas.

    Abaco Island is one of the larger and more developed Islands in the 700 mile long Bahamian chain, but its development is principally along the eastern shore with white sand beaches and easy access to deep water. Much of the land mass along the western shore drops off to swampy wetlands, referred to as the “The Marls”. Comprised of hundreds of square miles of mangroves, creeks, cuts and flats, navigable only by shallow draft flats skiffs, the Marls remain an undeveloped wilderness and ideal Bonefish habitat.

    Unlike some of the less developed islands in the Bahamas, Abaco has the third largest airport in the Bahamas (Marsh Harbour). Good numbers of direct flights from the U.S. makes traveling relatively easy and the lodge is an easy 15-minute drive from the airport.

    The greatest advantage of Abaco Lodge is its location, literally on the flats. Anglers walk a short distance from their rooms to the dock, hop in a skiff, and can be fishing prime flats within 5 – 10 minutes.

    Another attractive feature is that Abaco Lodge provides single rooms for the majority of their guests at no additional cost.  Each room is spacious and well appointed with a private bath.

    The lodge has 7 rooms to accommodate 8 anglers per week. There are 6 single rooms set up for single occupancy and 1 rooms set up for double occupancy. The single occupancy rooms are available on a first come first serve basis.

    The lodge owns a fleet of state of the art Hells Bay Flats Skiffs that get you to the fish quickly and efficiently. They are also stealthy boats and navigate the shallow waters of the Marls beautifully.

    Experienced guides are not in short supply on Abaco and Abaco Lodge has developed loyalty from some of the best on the island.

    There is one additional ingredient that contributes greatly to the success of Abaco Lodge … management. Nervous Waters has always taken pride in finding the right managers for each of their destinations.

    Marsh Harbour has a good supply chain, so if anything is needed, it’s generally there by the end of the day.

    Despite all these other accolades, it is the fishing that really sets Abaco Lodge apart. The marls offers some of the most productive bonefishing in the Bahamas for 2 – 7 pound bonefish. The lodge compliments its “home” waters (the marls) with trailering options on the east side of Abaco, where the fish are larger and the wading more prevalent. With drives of 15 – 40 minutes guests can be fishing the east side of Abaco from Cherokee Sound to Treasure Cay. Here anglers will find 5 – 10 pound bonefish in good numbers, whether fishing from a skiff or wading hard sand flats a couple of hours either side of low tide.

    The bonefish move into the Marls on the rising tide looking for food, and the drill is to follow them in, and when the tide starts to drop, follow them back out. Some of these interior flats are wadable, but as the term “marl” implies, many of the interior flats are too soft for comfortable wading, so are fished from the skiff. The outer edges of the Marls are typically firm, and the guides may target tailing fish on these wadable flats during the lower stages of the tide. From time to time, Tarpon may be encountered on some of the deeper flats.

    Abaco Lodge has been best publicized by an ESPN series entitled, Pirates of the Flats, which first aired in January 2010. Angler celebrities Lefty Kreh, Yvon Chouinard, Michael Keaton, Tom Brokaw, Thomas McGuane and Bill Kline were invited to Abaco Lodge to film the series and ESPN captured on film the beauty and productivity of this unique fishery. Viewers may recall many scenes with these celebrities seated at the outdoor dining area or sitting around the fire pit at night, recounting the events of the day. These images solidified what those in the industry already knew. Abaco Lodge is an alluring location to immerse yourself in the sport of bonefishing with a fly.

    Packages of any duration are available. Below rates are based on single occupancy accommodations and fishing 2 anglers per boat and guide. Single fishing rates are available on request.

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    Abaco Lodge 2023-2024 Rates

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     October – December 2023January – June 2024
    7 Nights / 6 Days Fishing$7,550 per person$7,950 per person
    6 Nights / 5 Days Fishing$6,995 per person$7,350 per person
     5 Nights / 4 Days Fishing$6,450 per person$6,750 per person
    4 Nights / 3 Days Fishing$5,350 per person$5,650 per person
    3 Nights / 2 Days Fishing$4,050 per person$4,750 per person

    Included in the rate: transportation from Marsh Harbour airport to the lodge, round-trip; single or double occupancy room (first come first serve); all meals; refreshments onboard the boat; beer and soft drinks and liquor at the lodge; wine with dinner and a boat and guide for each two anglers, daily; Bahamas Fishing License.

    Not included and/or additional charges would include: air travel to Marsh Harbour; Bahamas Value Added Tax (Effective January 1, 2015); tackle, lures, and flies; personal items; gratuities; single angler surcharge.

    A 50% deposit is necessary to confirm a reservation. Final payment is due 95 days prior to arrival.