Tierra Del Fuego

Giant Sea Run Brown Trout in Argentina

Sea Run Browns in Tierra del Fuego, ArgentinaRio Grande

Salmon fishermen, steelheaders, or anyone keen to pursue “overstuffed, energized anadramous torpedoes” should head to Southern Argentina this winter. Angler Adventures represents Kau Tapen Lodge, Toon Ken Lodge , Villa Maria Lodge and Aurelia Lodge, all located on the famous Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego, where the sea run brown trout fishing gets better every year! Catch and release and repeat spawning have dramatically increased the numbers of returning sea trout that average 10.5 pounds, and range to well over 30!

Nervous Waters is an Argentine Company owned and operated by Fernando & Jorge de las Carerras. The Carerras family opened the first fishing lodge on the Rio Grande, and Nervous Waters now operate 3 of the best lodges on the river system. Nervous Waters also owns and operates Bella Vista Lodge on the Rio Gallegos, Pira Lodge in Corrientes Province, Futa Lodge in Chile, and Bairs Lodge in Andros, Bahamas. The Nervous Waters properties rank among the very finest fishing lodges in the world.

Tierra Del Fuego

Kau Tapen

Kau Tapen first opened in 1986 and is the lodge that got sea run trout fishing going on the Rio Grande. Today, it’s repeat client rate is one of the highest in the industry. It is considered one of the finest lodges in the world of fishing. You must pay a premium to stay at Kau Tapen, but it is worth it, if you call early enough to get space.

Villa Maria Lodge

Tierra Del FuegoVilla Maria Lodge opened in 1996 on the historic Estancia Jose Menedez and offers 16 km of water on the lower Rio Grande downstream from Kau Tapen. This is bigger water, perfect for the Spey rod enthuisiast and offers first crack at dime bright searun browns fresh from the salt.

Toon Ken Lodge opened in 1999, and fishes the opposite side of the Rio Grande from Kau Tapen and to the north. Originally guests were acommodated at a lodge on the Estancia San Julio complex, 30 minutes from the river. However, in 2004 Nervous Waters opened the spectacular new Toon Ken Lodge perched on a bluff overlooking the river. Extra rooms for singles. Great pools opposite and just upstream of Kau Tapen. Sea Run Browns to 30 pounds. Toon Ken is fished most of the season as part of a combination package with Villa Maria Lodge, giving a nice sampling of both upper and lower river fishing.

Aurelia Lodge

Another excellent option on the Rio Grande is the beautiful Aurelia Lodge, situated just above Kau Tapen on Estancia Rosita. Owned by Ricardo Hermoso and managed by veteran Rio Grande guide, Peter Pereira Mullins, Aurelia offers an impressive 8 miles of double bank fishing on the Rio Grande plus15 miles on the Rio Menendez for just 8 rods. The recently refurbished lodge offers superb accommodations combining classic Patagonian ambience with modern comfort.

Rio Gallegos

Santa Cruz, Argentina

We also represent Nervous Waters’ elegant Bella Vista Lodge, on the Rio Gallegos, north of Tierra del Fuego on the Argentine mainland in Santa Cruz. Situated right on the river, the lodge offers exclusive access to excellent sea run brown water. The Rio Gallegos holds an impressive run of sea runs with fish to 20+ lbs. Bella Vista also has access to Gallegos Chico, a delightful and intimate spring creek, with sea runs and resident browns to 5+ lbs.

Both Tierra del Fuego and Rio Gallegos can be combined with the outstanding trout fishing offered by our outfitters in Patagonia, Argentina between December and April.