Moose Lake Lodge & The Dean River Outpost Camp

British Columbia, Canada

Moose Lake is located 300 miles north of Vancouver, near Tweedsmuir Park, in the wilderness of the Upper Blackwater, Upper Dean, and Entiako watersheds of British Columbia. This location is ideal, not just for the excellent rainbow fishing in Moose Lake, but also for the fly-outs to the superb rivers and streams for rainbows, cutthroat, steelhead, and salmon. We know the best times to fish each water for the different species – we put our anglers in the best spots.

The lodge features a spacious dining room with large picture windows and a spectacular view of Moose Lake framed by distant mountain ranges. We have eight hand-hewn log cabins, complete with bathrooms, showers and propane heat. Each cabin sleeps two to four guests.

Moose Lake Lodge Package – Includes round trip airfare from Vancouver, accommodation, introduction to fly-fishing, meals, boat, motor, with fishing at Moose Lake and Trophy Lake (a short hike from Moose Lake).

Moose Lake Lodge 2020 Rates

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Dean River Lodge, British Columbia, Canada

The Dean River, in British Columbia, is world famous for its summer run steelhead and salmon that come into the system from June to October. The Dean steelhead are some of the strongest of all steelhead stock. This fact coupled with our location being very close to saltwater, guarantees you will experience “tackle-busters”. These fish are chrome bright, with all their strength and stamina.

The Dean River Lodge is nestled in a beautiful wilderness setting overlooking the bay of the Dean Channel, with the Gratham Waterfall rushing to drop 1,000 feet in the backyard. Steep mountains of the British Columbia Coast Range capped with glaciers, rise up to heights of 8,000 feet in full view.

Dean River Lodge Package – Our Dean River package is based on 6 days guided fishing and 1 day non-guided. It includes roundtrip flights from Smither to the Dean.

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Dean River 2020 Rates

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