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Arroyo Claro, Patagonia, Argentina "What to Bring" List

Note: Patagonia can be windy. An effective technique for casting into the wind is to “underline” your rod by one line weight (or more). You can generate more … continue reading →

Bahamas and Carribean "What To Bring" List

This information will serve you well whether you're fishing the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Belize, Venezuela, Seychelles, Christmas Island, or Mauritius. Every location or guide will have its own "hot flies", and those will be listed in your Angler Adventures itinerary, but most are variations of the flies listed here. … continue reading →

Bonefish Fly Retrieve and Strip Setting the Hook

Lead, Retrieve, & Setting the Hook Lead the fish Let fly sink to bottom When fish gets within view of fly (3 - 4 feet … continue reading →

Bonefishing: Preparing to Cast

Stretch your fly line to erase "memory" Gently…. Hold at arms length or with a partner & pull for several seconds, or Drape across back … continue reading →

Carry-on vs. Checked Luggage

We at Angler Adventures pack expensive rods, reels and flies (tied on hooks 3/0 and smaller) in our carry on luggage 100% of the time … continue reading →

Choosing Bonefish Flies

Flies Top to Bottom: Del Brown Permit Fly, Simram (lead eyes), Gotcha (large bead chain), Amber Shrimp (medium bead chain), Gotcha (small bead chain), Bunny … continue reading →

Effective Fly Patterns to Catch Bonefish in the Bahamas

Fly Patterns for Bonefish The two most effective flies in The Bahamas are possibly the Gotcha Fly and the Clouser Minnow (tan and white).  Vary … continue reading →

Fishy Links

Angler Adventures Blog Find interesting observations, useful tips, deals on fishing travel, last minute space opening, event information, fly patterns, and articles from a staff … continue reading →

Flats Fishing "What to Bring" List

We refer to the information you're now reading as our "What to Bring" list. Actually, it is more than a list because a list, in and of … continue reading →

How to Spot Bonefish

Vision & Spotting Bonefish Look for movement. When you first see a bonefish, it's untypical to see the clear outline of the fish. Bonefish generally … continue reading →

Strip Set the Hook

Lead, Retrieve, & Setting the Hook Lead the fish Let fly sink to bottom When fish gets within view of fly (3 - 4 feet … continue reading →

Wading Guide: Wading for Bonefish

 … continue reading →

Wading the Flats: The Next Step - a collection of our best articles to up your wading game

There comes a time in a man's life when he must take the next step! For fly fisherman, that's a step out of the boat … continue reading →

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