Limay River Lodge

Incomparable Argentine Trout Fishing on the Middle Limay River

The Limay River Lodge is the first and only lodge on the incomparable Middle Limay River. The lodge opened in November 2014 and created easy access to a virtually untapped fishery. The Middle Limay River is one of the richest fishing resources in Northern Patagonia (the areas North of Bariloche). The Limay has a reputation for consistently producing large resident brown trout, strong rainbows, and enormous migratory browns. The Middle Limay River is a large river, with numerous channels, that offers a variety of fishing opportunities: Dry Fly fishing with large attractor patterns or matching the hatch to rising fish, nymphing fishy runs, or stripping streamers to imitate minnows or pancoras. Angler’s searching for the “ultimate” Patagonian fly-fishing experience will find a trip to the Middle Limay unforgettable.

There are two structures that create the defining characteristics to the Middle Limay that make it so productive: The Pichi Picun Leufu Dam and El Chocon Reservoir. The Pichi Picun Leufu Dam turns the Middle Limay into a tail-water with consistent flows, clean / clear water, and prime water temperatures for trout and insect life. El Chocon Reservoir is an expansive lake (315 sq. miles of surface area with a max depth of 200 ft) that produces the Brown Trout which are measured in pounds, not inches, that migrate out of the reservoir and up the Limay to spawn. This creates a unique combination of predictable, consistent fishing for large fish, with the ever present possibility of taking massive browns on a dry fly.

The fishing on the Limay is virtually the same throughout the season, which runs from early-November until the end of May, because it’s a tail water. The majority of fishing (up to 90%) can be done with large attractor dries, which are surprisingly effective on Limay River rainbows and browns. Match the Hatch fishing, Attractor / dropper, and Streamer fishing are also effective all season long. The resident fish are typically between 17″ – 22″, with larger fish being common. It’s almost common place for anglers to a have a day only catching fish 20″, all on dries! The highest concentration of “migratory” fish in the Limay River is early and late in the season, but there are huge browns in the Limay year round. The fishing is a truly unique combination of action and excitement.

Limay River Lodge is located at approximately the mid-point of the Middle Limay River. With drive times to the 12 access points as little as 5 minutes to just under an hour, depending on which beat you prefer to fish any given day. Anglers can also choose to wade the waters around the lodge for full or half day fishing. The variety of access points allow for full day floats, half day floats, short floats, long floats, strictly wading, and wading/floating combos.

The Limay River Lodge is a U-shaped structure with an open courtyard, conveniently close the river. The lodge can accommodate 14 anglers in 7 double occupancy guest rooms, each with large open closets and private baths, and individual rod racks and wader hangers outside each room under a covered walkway. The dining room / living room are both located in a large open space at the East end of the lodge. There’s a fire pit in the courtyard, surrounded by a seating area, which is an ideal evening gathering spot. Anglers will find the Limay River Lodge comparable to a 5-star hotel in atmosphere, service, and appointments. There is reliable WiFi internet access, but no cell service.

Limay River Lodge has a fleet of Hyde Drift boats, which are ideal for floating the Limay River and new 4×4 trucks with trailers. Limay River Lodge also offers guests use of their Sage / Redington Rods paired with Sage / Redington reels and Rio Lines, as well as Redington Waders and Boots. The Limay River Lodge also has it’s own staff of professional fishing guides that are exclusively fishing the Limay River.

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Limay River Lodge 2018 – 2019 Rates

(subject to change)

The cost for a 7-night / 6-day package is $6,860 per person based on double occupancy accommodations and a shared boat / guide daily. Shorter packages are available.

Included: Accommodations at Limay River Lodge; Daily Guided Fishing; All Meals & Beverages, included local beer, excellent wine and open bar at the lodge; ground transfers from Limay River Lodge to the fishing areas; fishing license.

Not Included: Airfare; Reception & Assistance in Buenos Aires; Non-Fishing activities; IN/OUT Private ground transfer from Bariloche, Neuquén or San Martin de los Andes (Chapelco) Airports to Limay River Lodge; Trip Insurance; Guide and Staff Gratuities; Additional travel services in Buenos Aires such as transfers, hotels, or tours.