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Peacock Bass Fishing in Brazil, Fly-In Floating Cabins and the Black Water Explorer

River Plate Amazon Outfitters has been a pioneer in Peacock Bass fishing since 1992 and has evolved from fixed land based operations to Fly-in Floating Cabins. These changes have allowed anglers to access remote, unfished water while still receiving the best levels of services, facilities, comfort and safety. Currently, River Plate Anglers accesses 30 individual remote river fisheries, spanning a 400-mile radius and have exclusive entry permits for more than 12 Indian Reservations and Government Preserves on the Rio Negro, the Rio Maderia watersheds, major tributaries to the Amazon River.

River Plate offers both fly fishing and spin fishing / bait casting for Peacock’s in each of their remote fisheries. The reduced fishing pressure allows both higher numbers of total fish and larger Peacocks landed per boat than in more accessible fishing locations. Average catch rates with River Plate Anglers start at 20 Peacocks up to 10 lbs and 1.5 Peacocks between 10 – 16 lbs per boat per day with 1 Peacock over 17 lbs per boat, every other day. In addition to the four species of Peacock Bass (Speckled, Butterfly, Grey Bar’s and Royal), anglers will have the opportunity to target other Amazon species like pacu, Piranha, Aruana and more depending on your location.

FLY-IN FLOATING CABINS literally outdistance the competition

The Fly-In Floating Cabins are unique and highly mobile, deluxe, and air-conditioned cabins, limited to 8 anglers maximum. Due to the success of the concept, which was introduced in 1996, River Plate now operates six independent cabin facilities. The cabins only draw four inches of water, allowing guests to move on a daily basis to new water that’s inaccessible by other forms of navigation in comfort and style throughout these exclusive (privately leased) fishing grounds. The 12′ X 15′ cabins are fully carpeted, tastefully decorated, elegant and roomy, with a private full bathroom. Most importantly, the cabins allow mobility to seek better water levels and avoid over fished areas with the added benefit of overnighting along Caribbean-like beaches. Technical Details: Comfortable twin size beds; Fully ventilated walls; Interior curtains and decorative drop ceiling; Standard pressurized water; Heavy duty vinyl outside roof, walls and outside shades; 3″ ceiling insulation; Fully air conditioned cabins; Steel frame structure; Air conditioning (low noise); Eco-friendly septic tank; All fully welded aluminum carpeted floor

Each of the six Floating Cabin operations are managed by a Brazilian “co-owner”, who is not only a knowledgeable fisherman, but is also experienced at handling the logistics inherent to the Amazon fishing operations. The manager, together with a bilingual host, and a staff of 14, offer unique, personalized hands-on attention. Breakfast room service, laundry service and guest satellite phone are a few of the available amenities. The cabins are also accompanied by a 12′ x 23′ dinning/sitting lounge, where guests can enjoy 4-course meals prepared by the chef.

Typical Fishing Day

Each fishing day is scheduled to best suit guests’ personal preferences and each evening the manager will discuss the following days fishing. A staff member typically awakens guests by 6:30 AM. Breakfast will be served by 7:00 AM and the guides are ready to leave by 7:30 AM. River Plate guides utilize 20′ shallow draft bass boats powered by 40-HP engines in order to navigate the shallow water ways required to access these remote fishing areas. Each boat is outfitted with all the standard bass boat features, such as trolling motors and high swivel seats.

Guests staying on a Fly-In Cabin may start to fish in the adjoining lagoons while the cabins navigate to new waters. At midday guests may return for lunch and a “siesta” in an air-conditioned cabin, or take a packed lunch and continue fishing until late in the afternoon.

River Plate is the only outfitter in Brazil that has legally obtained fishing permits for Indian reserves, which restrict potentially damaging commercial fishing, greatly benefiting the Indian tribes by preserving land, water and wildlife in these delicate ecosystems. This also means that guests will not have to share the fishery with other outfitting companies. Especially with the floating cabins, guests fish in areas above natural barriers: shallow water, sandbars and rapids that prevent the passage of sport fishing yachts and commercial fishing boats.

River Plate conducts their trips according to a “zero footprint” principle. Guests spend very little time in the actual rainforests, many of the products are biodegradable, and they carefully remove all garbage. River Plate does not over fish their fishing grounds. By moving to new water every few days and limiting groups to a maximum of 8 -12 anglers, guests have been able to double or even triple the numbers of fish caught by other outfitters.

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River Plate Anglers 2020 / 2021 Rates
Prices are based on 7-nights accommodations and 6 fishing days

Destination Season Max Number of Anglers Rate
Exclusive Access Fisheries Nov – Feb 8 anglers $5,590 per person
Exclusive Access Fisheries Nov – Feb 12 anglers $4,990 per person
Premium Remote Fisheries June – Aug; Oct – Nov 8 anglers $5,990 per person
Premium Remote Fisheries June – Aug; Oct – Nov 4 anglers (Single Occupancy) $6,990  per person

Included: Guide –operated 21-foot fully equipped shallow drafting bass boat every two anglers; All meals at fishing destination, including wine, beer and hard liquor; Daily laundry and maid service at fishing destination; Fishing licenses; All necessary local transfers as per itinerary; One night hotel in Manaus, or River Plate´s House, on arrival; Use of TFO rods, Shimano reels plus all lures and terminal tackle while in camp (baitcasting).

Not Included: International airfare (abt. $1.000 Miami round trip to Manaus); Suggested voluntary tips to camp staff and fishing guides; Food and beverages in Manaus and private city tours; Special transfers and hotel reservations when not arriving and/or departing with the group; Airport departure tax; Satellite phone calls ($5/minute); Extra hotel nights; Customized transfer requirements: call Angler Adventures; Fly-fishing tackle (local streamers available to purchase at camp).