Heart of Patagonia Lodge

Rio Aysen, Chilean Patagonia

Heart of Patagonia’s catch and release philosophy reflects the lodge’s dedication to the preservation of this beautiful part of the world, which is so unique in the eyes of anglers and world travelers. And, our guests will find the proximity of the  fishing to the lodge a major attraction.

Patagonia fishingThe geographical diversity of the region accounts for the many types of waters we fish. We are located in the  midst of the southern Andes mountains. Dramatic mountain scenery is omnipresent. The many mountains form numerous river valleys, all within close proximity to the lodge. Every river valley has its own distinct characteristics, and anglers have the  opportunity to experience a wide variety of fishing situations. Although emphasis is put on fishing the dry fly, the flies and fly fishing techniques that are employed are as diverse as the many sections of water that we fish.

Located on the banks of the Rio Aysen, and less than one mile below the confluence of the renown Rio Simpson and Rio Manihuales, Heart of Patagonia offers much fishing opportunity within walking distance of the lodge. These three rivers comprise a prolific fishery. In fact, excellent wading runs are located immediately in front of our property. Catching the evenings hatch in still air and low light with trout feeding in abundance is not to be missed. This trout fisherman’s dream is only a short walk from the lodge itself.

Further, five other major rivers are located within 30 minutes drive time from the lodge. Of the 8 major rivers of  which we frequent, 6 are floatable. Although many of our rivers are floatable, much wading is done on these same rivers. The amount of water and diversity of fishing we have to offer within such close proximity of the lodge is impressive.

In addition to the many rivers and streams, we also fish lakes and lagunas. These waters hold large fish and always remain an excellent alternative to river fishing.

The guides at Heart of Patagonia pay close attention to the individual preferences of each angler and group. The variety of  water available will challenge the most seasoned angler and coddle novices. Safety and the comfortable enjoyment of our guests’ experience is our number one concern.

The lodge is equipped with 4-wheel drive trucks, new rafts, motor boats, and float tubes to access the many waters of our region.

Our season is from mid-October through mid-April. The fish we target are the resident rainbows and browns that make these freestone waters flowing through the spectacular mountain scenery of the southern Andes their home. Coho, king, and atlantic  salmon also run the rivers as well as steelhead and sea-run browns. The arrival of these other salmonoids in our rivers occurs mostly in the late season (March thru April), but big fish lurk in all of our waters year-round.


For those not wishing to fish every day, Heart of Patagonia offers many other activities to enjoy the area. Horseback riding, hiking, village visits, and birding are conveniently and easily arranged. Opportunities for sight-seeing and photography abound.

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Heart of Patagonia Lodge 2009 – 2010 Rates

(Rates are subject to Change, Rates are per person)

Low Season Rates (Oct. 15 – Dec. 14, 2010)
Fishing Packages
Double OccupancySingle Occupancy
7 Nights / 6 Days Fishing$3,500.00$3,800.00
4 Nights / 3 Days Fishing$2,400.00$2,525.00
Additional Fishing Days$500.00$500.00
Single Guide Supplement (per day price)$80.00
Non- Fishing Packages
Non Fishing Weekly Rate$3,200.00$1,850.00
Additional Days (per day price)$400.00


High Season Rates (Dec. 15, 2009 – Apr. 15, 2010)
Fishing Packages
Double OccupancySingle Occupancy
7 Nights / 6 Days Fishing$4,250.00$ 4,500.00
4 Nights / 3 Days Fishing$2,550.00$2,750.00
Additional Fishing Days$600.00$600.00
Single Guide Supplement (per day price)$80.00
Non- Fishing Packages
Non Fishing Weekly Rate$3,400.00$2,100.00
Additional Days (per day price)$470.00

Heart of Patagonia Lodge