Bella Vista Lodge

Top Fly Fishing on Rio Gallegos

Bella Vista Lodge offers 50 kms of double-bank private access fishing. Giant sea-run trout as well as some of the finest dry-fly brown trout fishing on the intimate Gallegos Chico are highlights while staying in unparalleled luxury at this lodge.

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Bella Vista Highlights

Enjoy the most exclusive lodge in Rio Gallegos, situated just 5 minutes from the river. Stay in  one of five private suites, dine on locally-raised beef and lamb prepared by the Lodge Chef, and relish the curated wine selection during your stay.

Photos from our recent adventure with Bella Vista Lodge

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in beautiful Patagonia, Argentia

Rio Collon Cura & Collon Cura Lodge

To fish the remote private water, the best water on the Collon Cura, clients stay at Collon Cura Lodge. From mid-January to mid-March, small bait fish migrate into the Collon Cura and the trout feed on them voraciously. Mixed with inch worms and evening caddis hatches, the Collon Cura can produce some incredible fishing. The lodge is not as charming and picturesque as some, but what you are buying here is location, location, location.

Arroyo Verde

Arroyo Verde is an elegant lodge located on the Traful, the premier landlocked Atlantic salmon river in Patagonia. The river runs 10 miles through the valley, and it has some of the most spectacular views of any Patagonian river! Record fish are an 18-lb. salmon, a 16-lb. brown and a 23-lb. rainbow! The lodge, which is a traditional estancia in a magnificent Andean valley, was called by Forbes Magazine: “the finest fishing lodge in the world, period!” Three or four days at this unique lodge, wading this marvelous river, will challenge your fly-fishing skills, and invite you to contemplate the extraordinary scenery. The food and wine served at Arroyo Verde rival any great restaurant in the world!
Best in Forbes

Filo Lodge

Filo Lodge, located on the Filo Hua Hum River, takes just 8 clients at a time. This elegant lodge is located in a spectacular remote setting, which ensures privacy and little angling pressure. The Filo Hua Hum, a tributary of the Caleufu River, runs for approximately 7 miles between two lakes and offers fantastic dry fly fishing, beginning with dragonflies in January. This river holds fish that average 16-20″, up to 10 pounds! Much of the fishing is sight fishing. This is not a place to catch great numbers of trout, it’s a place to stalk and catch several good sized fish a day, that are used to looking up and taking dry flies.

Tres Rios Lodge

Tres Rios Lodge is located just south of the junction where the Chimehuin and the Aluminé Rivers join to form the Collon Cura River. The traditionally styled lodge is a new building

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