Red Pine Mountain Lodge

Useful Links

Atlantic Salmon Federation – The Atlantic Salmon Federation is an international non-profit organization that promotes the conservation and wise management of the wild Atlantic salmon and its environment.

North Atlantic Salmon Fund – NASF’s solution to the wild salmon’s problems is very simple. We pay commercial fishermen not to fish for wild salmon. This strategy may seem straightforward but putting it into practice is both arduous and costly…

North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization: Established to promote the conservation, restoration, enhancement and rational management of salmon stocks in the North Atlantic Ocean through international co-operation.

Restigouche River Watershed Management Council The goal of the Restigouche Rivers Watershed Management Council (RRWMC) is to ensure conservation and restoration of the Restigouche River salmon resource and its habitat for the benefit of all Canadians – particularly those participating or otherwise involved in the salmon fisheries and the local communities.

Restigouche Master Plan – Series of maps of the entire Restigouche system including the 5 major tributaries. Red Pine waters extend from Gilmore Island, Plan 5 to the “Grindstone Pools” (Upper and Lower Grindstone), Plan 4.

Matapedia, QC Weather – Environment Canada current weather forecast from Amqui station, about 30 mile northeast of Red Pine.

Edmunston, NB Weather – About 75 miles southeast of camp

Restigouche Water Levels – Useful site to track water levels from the gauge just below the confluence with the Kedgwick River. Water levels at Red Pine may be higher if the Patapedia River valley gets a big rainfall. But generally, water levels between 0.7 and 1.7 meters indicate good fishing levels. To use site, accept disclaimer, select New Brunswick from drop-down menu, select Restigouche River below Kedgewick River. This will give a graph of water levels the past week, but you may enter dates as you prefer.

New Brunswick “Fish 2008” – New Brunswick regulations apply to fishing anywhere on the Restigouche (whether fishing from the Quebec bank or the New Brunswick bank). However, you may legally fish “Border Waters” (which includes Red Pine waters) on either a New Brunswick or a Quebec Non-Resident Salmon License. Unless you plan to fish in New Brunswick waters before or after your trip to Red Pine, we recommend a “Quebec No-Kill License” (much cheaper – currently $10 + tax, subject to change). However, if you’d like to become familiar with the New Brunswick regulations, they are available here in .pdf format.

W.W. Doak & Sons – top quality flies, materials, gear and tackle from this Miramichi “institution”. Wonderful color photos of hundreds of fly patterns. – interesting info on this historic community at the mouth of the Restigouche

The Upper Restigouche – Canadian Heritage Rivers website

Tourism New Brunswick – good source of info if you are traveling in the Province

Destintation Restigouche – Restigouche County tourism board website

Restigouche County – Interesting site devoted to the history of the area. Interesting old photographs

Tales From the Restigouche – on New – This is just another entry page for our website

Doug’s Jazz website – When not selling fishing trips, or actually fishing, I play jazz piano -like salmon fishing at Red Pine, a labor of love; but I’m probably a better salmon fisherman than a piano player, and that’s no boast about my prowess astream!