Grey's Point Bonefish Inn

One of the best wading destinations for bonefish

Click here to read John Fraizer’s article about his trip to Grey’s Point, “Thinking Outside the Boat” from the November / December 2013 issue of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.

Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn on Acklins Island is one of our favorite wading destinations for bonefish. Run by the Williamson family, Grey’s Point Inn guests enjoy warm “Out Island” hospitality in a laid back lodge atmosphere with comfortable accommodations, good food and some of the best bonefish flats for wading in the Bahamas.

Acklins Island typifies the remote, out-island Bahamas experience at its very best. There are only 2 flights a week. Telephone and internet service can be sporadic. However, traffic jams are never a problem and the people of Acklins are among the friendliest you’ll ever meet!

The flats fished by Grey’s Point Inn are spectacularly beautiful and relatively shallow, especially in the appropriately named Lovely Bay and equally stunning Relief Bay.

Acklins bonefish feed in extremely shallow water, especially at low tide, so the fishing at Grey’s Point Inn is 99% wading. Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn, therefore, is the ideal lodge for the angler interested in the excitement of stalking bonefish on foot. Tailing fish can usually be found throughout the day. Nothing captures the essence or excitement of bonefishing like stalking, casting to and hooking a 6 pound bone is 4 inches of water!

Because of Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn’s close proximity to the open ocean, guests will occasionally encounter larger bonefish. The average bone is in the 3-5 pound range. Fish in the 6 – 8 pound class are fairly common and at times you can have shots at huge, double-digit bones fresh from deeper water. The club record is a whopping 16 pounds.

The bonefish will often form vast schools at high tide and then gradually spread out over the shallow flats, cuts and channels as the water drops. This makes for extremely diverse, exciting fishing, and offers a great variety of wading experiences, from working drop offs to tip-toeing after tailing bones. Anglers might also have shots at big permit at Grey’s Point, and of course sharks and big cudas can be plentiful. Tarpon sightings, while rare, are always a possibility on Acklins.

Grey’s Point Inn has three full-time bonefishing guides and several part time guides, all with years of guiding experience on Acklins Island. Having grown up in these waters, these Acklins native guides are extremely knowledgeable, hard working and will bend over backwards to put you on good fishing.

Grey’s Point offers surprisingly comfortable accommodations given its remote location. There are 6 guest rooms and a main lodge, all overlooking the flats of Relief Bay. The rooms are attractively furnished and decorated and feature 2 large double beds, air-conditioning, satellite television, a refrigerator, small desk (prefect for fly tying), private bath, and even WiFi (intermittent, but there!). The main lodge contains the kitchen, dining room, common area, and a game area, which includes a full-sized pool table. There’s also a separate small lounge adjacent to the guest rooms with comfy chairs and a big screen TV. With the exception of intact larger groups, Grey’s Point takes a maximum of 8 anglers ensuring that each guest will receive the personal service and quality fishing experience that Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn is known for.

The food is served Bahamian style and features fresh local ingredients, such as broiled or steamed lobster, fried grouper, roasted chicken or cracked conch. The lodge owners and staff are friendly, hard working, courteous people who are punctual and a pleasure to be around.

Grey’s Point does not sell beer or other alcoholic beverages. Typical of the Out Islands, the selection of spirits and wines on Acklins is extremely limited. We recommend purchasing your liquor and wine needs at the Duty Free Shop on arrival in Nassau, and purchasing your beer needs upon arrival on Acklins. A representative of the lodge will meet you at the airport to transport you to the lodge. They will stop at a grocery store that sells beer, on the way. Beer may be kept cold in the mini fridge in your room. The well known Bahamian Kalik and Sands beers are always available on Acklins and occasionally Heineken and Guinness as well.

Grey’s Point owns a collection of modern, shallow draft flats boats. Boat rides to bonefishing flats are minimal, typically 5-15 minutes. The boat launch in Lovely Bay is about 25 minutes from the lodge. The lodge overlooks Relief Bay so guests fishing there depart from the boat basin a short walk down the hill. From there, you can be fishing within 2 minutes. Additionally Grey’s Point has a canoe and two kayaks for guests who would like to fish on their own the afternoon of arrival. There is also a wadeable flat in front of the lodge for hard core anglers who just can’t get enough!

Bonefish around Acklins are not overly bashful despite the extremely shallow water in which they generally feed, nor are they picky eaters. Pattern selection is much less important than presentation on these flats. We do, however, recommend bringing a good supply of Bunny Bones or other unweighted or very lightly weighted flies for the skinny water around Grey’s Point. Weed guards are helpful for flats with turtle grass. See Angler Adventures BAHAMAS WHAT TO BRING LIST for details. Bring your own flies and tackle. Neither is available at Grey’s Point Inn.

As most of the bonefishing is wade fishing, guests have the option of hiring a “boat handler”. The boat handler will run the boat around to meet you and your guide at the other end of the flat, saving a long walk back!

Typically a Friday overnight in Nassau is required to take the Saturday morning Bahamas Air flight to Spring Point Acklins. Guests are met by Newton or Garon Williamson for the transfer to the lodge. Guests typically arrive at the lodge before noon on Saturday and have the afternoon to assemble gear, relax or do some fishing on your own.

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Grey’s Point Inn 2024 Bonefishing Rates

Grey’s Point Inn

2 per boat
2 per room

2 per boat
1 per room

1 per boat
2 per room

1 per boat
1 per room

2 per room

7 Nights / 6 Days

$ 3,575

$ 4,191

$ 4,895

$ 5,495

$ 2,585

 4 Nights / 3 Days

$ 2,145

$ 2,497

$ 2,475

$ 3,257


3 Nights / 2 Days

$ 1,650

$ 1,914

$ 2,090

$ 2,354


Included: Transportation from Acklins Airport to the lodge, roundtrip; double or single occupancy rooms, as described; all meals, soft drinks and bottled water, a boat and guide daily.

Not included: Air travel to Acklins; beer, wine and liquor; tackle, lures, flies, personal items, “boat handler”, gratuities, Bahamas Value Added Tax (VAT). These charges can be paid at the lodge in traveler’s checks or cash. Grey’s Point Inn does not accept credit cards.