Country Haven Lodge

Miramichi Salmon Fishing in Gray Rapids, New Brunswick

Country Haven Lodge is located in Gray Rapids, just 2 miles south of Blackville on the lower section the Main Southwest Miramichi River. The Miramichi is a name well known to anglers around the world as synonymous with Atlantic salmon, hosting the largest run of the species in North America. And in its relatively brief 16-year history, Country Haven Lodge has emerged as one of the finest operations on the entire watershed

Owner Byron “Byzie” Coughlan grew up in Gray Rapids just a few miles downstream of the lodge. Starting with a couple of productive family owned salmon pools, Byzie built a beautiful 4,000 square foot log lodge situated on a bluff overlooking the river. He then began buying and leasing other nearby salmon pools. As the business grew, he added more pools and 2 more cabins (a 2 and a 3 bedroom, ideal for small groups) and Country Haven now accommodates 18 anglers. The lodge is one of the few properties on the river to receive a Four Star Canada Select rating from the Provincial government.

Country Haven’s fishermen enjoy exclusive use of 11 excellent private salmon pools. On any given day as needed, the lodge also day leases as many as another 10 private pools. These include salmon pools on the Miramichi, as well as the Renous, the Northwest Miramichi and the beautiful Cains, all famous tributaries of the Main. This gives Country Haven a wide variety of types of pools that will produce under a myriad of conditions.

Country Haven employs a staff of experienced and talented guides, most who have grown up on the banks of the Miramichi and many with 20 or more years experience guiding. They not only know every rock and lie in the river, they are expert boatman and skilled flyfishers and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of salmon fishing. As New Brunswick #1 Certified Professional Guides they are also fully trained in CPR and first aid and are dedicated to your safety, comfort and most importantly, your having fun and success on the river!


The Miramichi enjoys a 6-month long season, from April 15 until October 15th, The first month is “Spring Salmon Season” fishing for the outward bound fish who spawned the previous fall and are headed back to the sea. The “Summer Run” fish, dime bright and fresh from the salt start entering the river around the first of June, and the heart of the summer run is from June 20th through July. Fresh runs continue entering on each major raise of water and August can also provide excellent fishing if river conditions are good. Fishing again picks up in September as the famous Miramichi “Fall Run” begins and continues until the close of the season October 15th.

During the summer run, the camp fishes a split day from about 8:00 am until noon. You return to the lodge for the main meal of the day, and then head back out for the evening session, from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm. A light evening supper is served at 9:30 pm. As the days shorten in late September, the camp goes on the fall fishing schedule, fishing from around 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, taking a shore lunch on the river and having the main meal of the day in early evening.

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Country Haven Lodge 2020 Full Fishing Package Rates

Packages of any duration are available. Country Haven enjoys about an 85% re-booking rate so early reservations are recommended.


Base Rate

15% HST

Total Rate

7-night / 6-day

CAD $ 3,625.00

CAD $ 543.75

CAD $ 4,168.75

6-night / 5-day

CAD $ 3,050.00

CAD $ 457.50

CAD $ 3,507.50

5-night / 4-day

CAD $2,475.00

CAD $ 371.25

CAD $ 2,846.25

4-night / 3-day

CAD $1,900.00

CAD $ 285.00

CAD $ 2,185.00

Included: Accommodations in lodge of private cabins; all meals and soft beverages; daily guided fishing, 1 guide per 2 – 3 anglers; all necessary transportation while at lodge (boats & vehicles); use of lodge’s tackle if needed; all provincial and federal taxes.

Not included: Transportation to the lodge; NB salmon license; gratuities; alcoholic beverages (BYOB); flies, leaders and other terminal tackle (available for purchase at the lodge), airport transfers for those flying into Fredericton or Moncton (transfers arranged at additional charge).