The government of the Bahamas has a draft of fisheries regulation legislation that has the potential to affect your fishing options in the Bahamas by regulating / possibly prohibiting foreign-owned fishing lodges throughout the Bahamas, as well as unguided fishing.

Angler Adventures fully supports conservation efforts to preserve all or our flats species and ecosystems.  However, we believe this proposal to be incomplete, onerous, and overreaching.  We hope that you will join us sending your comments on this proposal to the Bahamian Government.

The Next Step:  Please join us in making certain our voice is heard. Public comment will only be accepted until Friday June 26-so act now! 

Please feel free to cut and paste the following letter (or write one of your own) and send it to this address:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I strongly oppose the proposed fisheries regulations currently on the table for the Bahamas. The issue of protecting the fisheries resource is not one of ownership, it is one of stewardship.  It is in the best interest of the fishing lodges-whether they are locally or foreign owned, to protect the resource that provides them their source of clients and income. Further, every fishing lodge in the Bahamas provides much needed jobs.  Please focus your attention on the health and protection of the fisheries, and do not attempt to regulate the guides and lodges. The traveling angler has many choices and if a lodge in the Bahamas does not suit him (or her) he is likely to take his fishing dollar someplace else. Thank you for your attention.



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If you would like to read this 10 page Legislation Draft, click here to download the full PDF.


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