Chile’s Best Trout Fishing: from the Pampas to the Rain Forest

Angler Adventures has put together a special week long fishing program with two of Chile’s best fly fishing lodges: Cinco Rios Chile and Estancia del Zorro for just $3,975 per person. The program gives access to the best water each lodge has to offer and exposure to the diverse Chilean landscape. You’ll fish the meandering Spring Creeks at the Estancia del Zorro and the famous rivers surrounding the Coyhaique and Paloma Valleys.

Space for 12 is available the week of February 23 to March 2, 2013, which is a prime week for trout fishing in Chile. You’ll get 3-nights at Estancia del Zorro and 4-nights at Cinco Rios, giving you access to the following world-class trout fisheries:

  • Zorro Spring Creek
  • Mayo Spring Creek (Argentina)
  • Ñirehuao River
  • Mañihuales River
  • Simpson River
  • Paloma River
  • Petragosa River
  • Coyhaique River
  • Aysen River
  • Blanco River Deseques River
  • Pica Flora River
  • Emporer Guillermo
  • Humeles River
  • Azul River
  • Mogote River
  • Pollux Lake
  • Frio Lake
  • Castor Lake
  • Elizalde Lake/Outlet

Click for rates or more information on Cinco Rios Chile or Estancia del Zorro.

This post is over 1 year old. Contact Angler Adventures for current pricing and discounts.

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