Andros Special – Single Rooms at Bargain Price + Free Trip with a 12-pound Bone!

Comparing prices on bonefish trips? Check out this deal at Tranquility Hill Fishing Lodge (THL) on the North Bight, Andros, Bahamas.

When you book through Angler Adventures, you get:

  • Single Rooms (no sleepless nights with your snoring buddies)
  • Special Rate for 7-nights / 6-days fishing ($2,995 per person)
  • Free return trip if you catch a 12-pound bonefish on the fly
  • 4-night / 3-day rate is $1,665 per person

The offer is available exclusively through Angler Adventures for 2012 and 2013, subject to availability. Two people share a guide, but each get a single room. Free return trip within one year, accompanied by a companion paying the double rate.

Bring your Boga Grip!

Call us for other deals at:
Mars Bay Bonefishing Lodge, South Andros
North Riding Point Club, Grand Bahama
Paloma River Lodge, Chile
Turneffe Flats Resort, Belize
Pesca Maya, Yucatan, Mexico

This post is over 1 year old. Contact Angler Adventures for current pricing and discounts.

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