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For the past 18 years, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of booking one of Atlantic Canada’s premier salmon camps, Red Pine Mountain Lodge on the incomparable Restigouche River.   Peak weeks of the season are typically rebooked year after year.  However, on occasion, prime weeks do become available, as is the case for the 2004 season.  We’re delighted to offer our Newsletter subscribers first opportunity for these weeks.

July 4th – 11th, 2004: 
Historically, this is the single best week of the season for numbers of fish.  The grilse run is well under way, but still many large salmon are coming into the river.  The grilse to salmon ratio is approximately 1 to 1.

July 11th – 18th, 2004: 
Also a highly productive week (some years the catch will exceed that of the July 4th week).  Grilse to salmon ratio is approximately 2 to 1, but still opportunities for large salmon (we’ve taken 30 pounders during this week). 


May 30th – June 6th, 2004: 
This week is for the trophy angler.   The average salmon landed is approximately 24 pounds, and fish over 40 pounds are an ever present possibility. 

Red Pine Mountain Lodge, a classic 1920’s cedar and pine camp, is ideally located in the valley of the Restigouche river, a peaceful area of stunning  natural beauty. The camp offers five miles of private water flanked by lush green mountains. 

The Restigouche River’s unique strain of wild Atlantic salmon is among the world’s largest and most powerful. These bright, fresh-run fish often exceed 30 pounds, and many over 40 pounds are released each year. 

Fishing at Red Pine is in the traditional Gaspé manner from 26-foot Cedarwood canoes, each with an experienced guide and two anglers. The fishing sessions rotate no more than five boats through lengthy stretches of private water.


“Red Pine has lovely water on what is, of course, one of the world’s most storied salmon rivers. Beats are ample and the fishing days fine-tuned as if by magic to prevailing conditions. Nowhere in North America have I experienced a better-run operation than Red Pine.” 
(Art Lee, Atlantic Salmon Journal, Spring 2003)

Perched on a bank overlooking the river, the main lodge is fronted by a full-length screened veranda and houses a communal great room with matching fieldstone fireplaces at either end. A full complement of sumptuous meals are prepared and served here daily. 

The five immaculate guest cabins are adjacent to the main lodge and connected by a covered porch. The comfortable rooms each have a private bathroom and shower, full electric service and a wood-burning stove. 


Daily maid service is provided. The grounds and surrounding buildings are impeccably maintained by the friendly and accommodating household staff.

Red Pine Mountain Lodge is one of the few camps that offers an opportunity for serious anglers to book time on this remarkable river.

For reservations or more information, contact Doug Schlink.


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