• Villa Maria

    Villa Maria is the second of Nervous Waters’ fine lodges on the Rio Grande. With 10 years of fabulous success at Kau Tapen, and with the demand for sea-trout fishing increasing, the Carreras brothers extended their fishing program by creating […]

  • Aurelia Lodge

    Aurelia Lodge, Estancia Rosita and Estancia Aurelia are situated on the southern bank of the Rio Grande, and occupy the large triangular tract of land between the Rio Grande and its tributary, the Rio Menendez. For years, the owner, Ricardo […]

  • Bella Vista Lodge

    The Rio Gallegos is situated in Patagonia, Argentina, just North of the Strait of Magellan and can be accessed by flying to Buenos Aires and then taking a 3.5 hour connecting flight to Rio Gallegos town.

    From there a 4×4 truck […]

  • Kau Tapen Lodge

    The Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina is without question the finest sea-run brown trout river in the world. The first and most famous lodge on the river is the legendary Kau Tapen. Kau Tapen first opened in1985 and remains at the […]

  • Toon Ken Lodge

    Toon Ken Lodge is not currently taking reservations. For anglers interested in fishing Tierra del Fuego, we recommend Kau Tapen, Villa Maria, and Aurelia Lodge as excellent alternatives for Sea Run Brown Trout.

    Angler Adventure’s other base of operations in Tierra del Fuego is Estancia San […]